Plutonic New Moon Cosmic Bus – Now Boarding

I wish I could say that it was all over; that the darkness we’re witnessing is so repugnant that we’re likely to see that it is simply unacceptable and learn to put it out, once and for all. I sincerely wish I could declare that humanity has got this, that we are mature and sober enough to recognise that senseless violence and disorder can be brought under control and we can take a different road to restoration and reform.

But no.
I’m mortified to predict that what we’re seeing around the world is just a sign of things to come, and much sooner than you think. The ebb and flow of dark energy seems to be intensifying, where the debasement of the divine transformative Will into ego-fueled madness leads those who are on the edge to do depraved and desperate acts now.

We are not learning anything.
We are still pointing fingers; scapegoating and the stultifying and emotionally repressed mood that leads us into next week’s Plutonic New Moon pushes us to get to the bottom of why we’re such a sordid species right now.

The Capricorn lunation demands a sense of extreme responsibility, like the weight of the world is on our shoulders to get it right. Something is kicking us to take life seriously, to grow up; play our part in restoring greater stability and maintaining the status quo.

I want to say we got this but also mindful that there are some really hurtful matters under the skin that need to be seriously looked at. What we just saw is only just scratching at the scurfy surface of mere centuries of wounding.

URANUS is now Stationing to go direct, and MARS is only days away from getting in the bully’s ear.

SUN/MOON/PLUTO SQUARE ERIS is only one dynamic syndrome and there are 28 hard aspects active in next Wednesday’s lunation alone…

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  1. “I want to say we got this but also mindful that there are some really hurtful matters under the skin that need to be seriously looked at. ”
    Do you think the snob, spoilt, elite “ladies and gentlemen” (no matter what side of the power we are talking about) sitting in their senates and parlaiments will actually dig deeper enough than skin?
    You see they are the “victims” according to them by being attacked. Not the ones, who instead of the suggested 2000$ aid were voted for 600$ aid by these “victimized elites” (for example), whose speech podium only costs 500$.
    And after these votes, they go home to their million dollars worth houses in their limousines thinking what a great deed they did to humanity. This is the same anywhere in the globe. No exceptions.
    Corruption is alive and well in ALL levels. THAT is what lies beneath. And you need centuries for change these massive corruptions globally jsut to make a little dent in system.
    Well, persoanlly I have only a few decades left if all goes well, so godd luck future generations! YOU WILL NEED IT!

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