MARS squares with SATURN (Jan. 13)

By this time next week, the tone is completely bonkers. What’s the opposite of peace? You may already sense a sullen anger brewing as ambitions are thwarted, spirits dampened, struggles in relating to others, especially in partnerships and marriage.

It’s true, all this excessive austerity and self-discipline has interfered with the usually silly holiday merriments, and the pent-up frustration, delays and sexual tension are likely to manifest in physical hardship, violence, accidents, and broken bones, as MARS squares with SATURN in a fixed sign (Jan 13).

Something about the dirty, harsh and insensitive way these two malefics usually punk it out with one another when they’re cross that kinda has me worried, and I’m not one to worry.

Mars entering Taurus is a stubborn bull heading for Aquarius’ high-voltage electrified fence. Along with all the other transits (see last bus episode), I can see why they saved all the fireworks from last week and how they might ‘appropriate’ them.

Stay supertuned…

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