[art: catrin welz-stein]

Through it all, you are transforming into something exquisite and purely unique, developing a genius nobody can predict. You may be the one and only of your kind and, this may feel distancing and weird at first.

Be not ashamed of the kinks and eccentricities in your character.

What you are discovering is that hanging with the herd is only likely to take you as far as the herd. The entire herd is discovering this.

Dare to venture bravely into the wilderness of your own singularity. Dare to tread your own path; go places no human mind or algorithm has ever gone before.

We are at the confluence of several extraordinary revolutions. Biological scientists and technologists are rapidly working out how to hack the human body – its immune system, the neuro-chemistry of the brain and even our own feelings. Meanwhile, computer scientists are generating unprecedented data-processing power. The faster our bodies and minds are being deciphered, the more the ‘herd’ thing fades into practical obscurity.

Intelligence is vastly different from consciousness.

The real revolution is when institutions, corporations and government bureaus understand and manipulate the remote recesses of your inner psyche and hijack the very principles of what formerly constituted your individual free will. When the custodians of health & medicine and AI algorithms know you better than you know your own self, the only way to transcend anyone dictating how you should feel and what you should do to become fitter, healthier, happier is to veer into the unfathomable realms of your unique, inimitable consciousness.

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ♃/♄ ∗ Ch

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