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In the past, when disease, famine or hardship fell upon the community due to droughts, floods or a plague of locusts, farmers and tribal chiefs would turn to priests and mystics to negotiate with the gods.

‘Medicine’ too was largely held in the jurisdiction of religious cult or ritual. Almost every community had a prophet, guru or shaman, who also doubled as a healer. Even Jesus spent a lot of his time tending to the sick, performing healing miracles. From ancient Chaldea through to the middle ages (and beyond) if you got sick, you were most likely to see someone who would mediate with the spirits, do a little chant and give you some healing herbs rather than anyone who knew a damned thing about biology or physics.

These days bio-scientists, microbiologists, pharmaceutical experts and surgeons have taken over from our priests and the miracle workers. For better or worse, our life expectancy has doubled almost tripled in some western states. Sure we can pray to our gods for this pandemic to go away, or for climate change to not destroy our coastlines or protect our homes from fires or drought, but really? Our faith in the supernatural promises of priests and big-talking politicians may be admirable but it provides cold comfort in the heat of a crisis. We know that if we or a family member should get sick, we will immediately call upon our doctors, surgeons and chemists to undertake emergency operations and stave off whatever’s killing us.

CHIRON now plays another role in our communities. His power to mediate between the 3D world of Saturn and 4D realms of Uranus, to help transmit pure, christed-insights into the minds of men and women who would heal this planet and its people from all ills takes on a new dimension. There’s no such thing as ‘unnatural’. only the ability to look deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural and provide greater interpretation for the ways of nature.

CHIRON provides us with the genius for deciphering the mysterious into terms that make logical, practical sense. In the Aquarian new age, this capacity to provide answers puts political and religious leaders on the back foot, since their limited knowledge of how the universe actually works has to compete against the cutting edge discoveries of scientists.

It is time for humanity to cease being sloppy, cutting corners with hokey superstitions, denials of natural laws and distorting evidence to support ridiculous beliefs. The true measure of scientific thinking is our willingness to admit failure and try a different approach. This is our greatest hope. In our better understanding of physics, we, as neo-scientists will gradually learn how to decipher what we currently extoll and fear as magic or ‘meta’physics.

In the wake of this eclipse, we clear the way forward. We are about to make URANUS (divine insight) the new SATURN (reality), and CHIRON is our pioneering bridgeway into seeing deeper into the divine. This is why self-promoting political rhetoric and religious authority is slowly losing its grip in more and more technical fields. Soon, we will flush out the middle-men between ourselves and real truth. This is also why soon, the entire world will increasingly become a single civilisation united under a single understanding of what works and what doesn’t. When things really work, everybody adopts them, no matter what.

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