The Choice Between Being Righteous or Kind: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 08°38′ Gemini – Monday, Nov 30, 09:31 UTC

Q: When is a Full Moon not Full?
A: When it is being eclipsed.

Visibly, the penumbral lunar eclipse will appear like a minor moon event. At its height (04:22 EST), you might be lucky to see faints shades of a penumbral light-charcoal grey or brownish hue on the moon’s upper edge.

Astrologically though, this eclipse is a major harbinger for a collective evolution since it makes an almost precise alignment to the trans-Neptunian duel going on between Pluto/Eris (transmute or be extinct). I covered the intricacies of this dynamic and its impact on our societies in some detail in my recent newsletter. If you did not receive our eclipse pack in your email, – please check your inbox folders (incl. spam). Those not registered may sign up here (it’s free) and we can send you a late copy.

This Eclipse and the Total Solar which will follow in two weeks are beaming light from the Sagittarius South Node end, which generally tends to dredge out the worst in us since it’s highlighting all the nasty stuff we need to leave behind.

Also, its ruler, Jupiter, is not only trudging through its most debilitating sign (Capricorn), but besieged between the harsh Saturn and Pluto the jovial Jove is feeling far from jolly. Log into your tribe account to read how these powerful lunations have the power to affect your personal transformation and reshape your relationship to just about everything.

This is seriously not a time for excesses and grandiose displays of moral righteousness. Big, ‘asshole-type’ moves not only make it easier to be spotted, but adversely more difficult to find our place in society – a calling which seems most critical to ensure our survival.

Whether we like it or not, we must learn to get along, and unless we stop, listen carefully to one another and try to see things from each other’s perspective, we are almost certainly going to find ourselves at war with all our neighbours. Anyway, if you want to put a theory to the test, try to be a bigshot… see what happens.

I will leave it at that for now, reminding you of my newsletter message: If you’re given a choice between being righteous and being kind, take the kind…

Blessings, and have an amazing Eclipse xx

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