CAPRICORN MOON pass over Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn

[art: @miles_art]

The events of the next 24 hours will be especially telling. As I posted yesterday, I really think that we’re letting ourselves be had. The Capricorn moon’s pass over the ♃/♇/♄ stellium leaves us nothing to get excited about. Its purpose is to humble or deny us of our basic human needs.

Probably a necessary downer, since most tend to mistake inadequacy and subservience for humility anyways. Aptly, I haven’t any language that could adequately depict the weakness of their spirit ☹️

A classic Australian poem from the 1930s Great Depression comes to mind tho’…

There’s no work in Bourke,
No lucre in Echuca,
Found fuck all down at Blackall,
And things are crook in Tallarook,
Got a feed at the Tweed,
No feedin’ down at Eden,
Everything’s wrong in Wollongong,
Might find a berth out there in Perth,
Got the arse at Bulli Pass,
Landed in jail at Innisfail.

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  1. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, we are DEFINITELY being had, this picture is exactly the way it all feels.

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