Mercury Slows to Oppose Uranus

[pic: igor morski]

MERCURY SLOWS and this time next week will be flying retrograde. In a few hours, he will OPPOSE URANUS, forming the iconoclastic mentality that only relishes in confuting others’ myths and illusions with its brilliant logic and irreverent wit, challenging authority and mercilessly cutting through the shit-sham of unquestioned social dogmas.

Nothing is sacred, but then, all the greatest breakthroughs were made by some daredevil who, in their time, was considered a heathen, heretic and anti-christ… simply because they transcended the world of judgements. Risky, but hey… what’s the point in playing the safe card when you’re going to go someway anyways?

Along with other transits (see your inbox), this will be one of those weeks/months that turned everything.

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