JUPITER closes in on SATURN

JUPITER now closes in on SATURN at the final degrees of Capricorn. By Dec 21, 2020 the two giants will conjunct in the first degree of Aquarius, marking the 200-year end to a series of 20-yr cycles that commenced in earth signs.

The carnival is over.

The earth is spent. Humanity’s capacity to identify everything by its physical properties, appropriate its benefit purely by materialistic means and to construct a paradigm of reality that is almost completely secular has created a world almost entirely forlorn of any emotional, intellectual or spiritual values. We see how humans have gradually stripped-mined the earth and seven seas of all its available wealth; built nations on the backs of slave-labour and immigrants; exploited the resources of undeveloped nations; used animals and fossilised minerals for fuel, all driven by a gluttonous theory which glorified the ‘more-for-me/less-for you’ ideologies of liberal capitalism.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves. The earth is now all but bare, super-dry, the ice caps are melting and the entire surface is crawling with humans who haven’t a clue how to save themselves. At the end of this epic epoch, we have all been gently corralled into a holding pen, where our ultimate fate will soon be decided by those masters of the 3D-reality who hold governance over all of the materials – real or hyperinflated. These “Lords-of-the-matter” are none other than the rulers of our physical domain, who understand that all of this will soon mean nothing unless it is managed using a different paradigm – one which aims to secure its control by turning its focus to harnessing the intellectual output of all those whose ideas are deemed worthy in the new age.

Join me tomorrow on the cosmic bus [see link for details] as we discuss the current state of humanity’s transition into the ‘New Age’; the TAURUS FULL MOON’s conjunction to URANUS (Oct 31), and the last American ‘election’ (Nov 3), as we prepare ourselves to enter a lighter, more expedient way of living (or come crashing down to earth with a tremendous thump).

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  1. So Ang, do You have a solution???? Not just a theory . How can you balance part of the Earth stuck in barbaric mentality and the other half which would love to conquer space personally (not gonna happen for alooong time/if at all. And I am not talking about sending maybe 10 people to space. Balance this Ang, balance this! I wouldn’t be surprised if Earth is done with humans.

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