Dark of Tomorrow’s New Supermoon

My dear Cosmic Travellers,

I have decided, in the dark of tomorrow’s New Supermoon, that there will be no Cosmic Bus stop today, choosing instead to allow everyone to take a quiet, meditative moment to honour ourselves, partners, and collaborates in our creative lives.

Who are the special people in your world?
How are they assisting you to build a better world?

It is the people who wish us well who are the Suns to our Moon; Moon to our Sun. Come together with those, in body or in spirit, and pay respect and appreciation for the world you have created together.

We are currently living in a world in which we must start taking some responsibility for the decisions affecting our lives in relation to others. These decisions must be made with mutual consent. It is hence time to renew our relationship agreements and vows. Let’s ensure that we are affording one another the freedom to exercise our liberties, both at hand to ourselves and in joint ideals.

This is an excellent moment to look deeply into the quality of the emissions we put out to others. Are they of positive or negative polarity? Do they pick us up or bring us down? Examine deeply how others make you feel when you come to engage them. It is time to do some healthy energy accounting and make sure that interrelationship levels are held in balance. Extremes, while necessary are not healthy for peace and harmony.

As we have spoken, this is a most intense time in the world. Forces are tightening up to remind us of our social responsibilities. We are becoming increasingly ‘judgemental’ at everyone and their part in the health of our mind. How do we mind each other? Is it in a lovely way?

With you lovelies in mind, I will be back soon – at least by our next regular episode and we shall ride the cosmic waves again. For the moment, please enjoy your New Moon Horoscopes and intentions, and may you be in perfect health, and a loving heart/mind alignment.

If you’re feeling sentimental, here’s last week’s bus stop:

Blessings, and have an amazing New S’Moon x

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