Upcoming Virgo New Moon

Thursday’s Virgo New Moon marks the synodic lunar cycle’s reset point. It is the time of the month when affairs most important (Sun) and most personal (Moon) in our lives come together and we are called, both instinctively and through our experiences, to make an intention with how to deal with pertinent matters.

The Virgo lunation hence points us to look at health, routine, work, efficiency and effectiveness with physical and practical obstacles – adapting our lifestyle to suit the current trends, refining, and fine-tuning, clearing and throwing our impurities with the objective of being a ‘better’ person to serve others and society.

This New Supermoon is highly potent, its trine to Saturn/Pluto is significant, as are tight aspects to Mars, Uranus, Neptune and most significantly an exact square to the true Lunar Nodes.

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