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Those who regard themselves “self-made” or “self-sufficient”. may exert the image of social success or attractiveness since, on the face of it, this appears empowering. It conjures a certain picture of freedom, but it’s fundamentally flawed. In truth, man’s pursuit to be a self-made ruler leads to an atmosphere of dog-eat-dog rivalry, which only deepens the divide and corrodes any hope of unity and cohesiveness.

The Black Lives Matter movement, for instance, only accentuates the enormous ethical shift taking place everywhere in the world – not just the USA, where the matter runs to its toxic roots. Such movements lend a new moral fortitude to progressive politics, one which mobilises multiracial, multigenerational thought-patterns and begins to hold a sacred space for a public reckoning for all other kinds of injustice.

Don’t mind the violence you see on your TV. That level of ignorance may get worse before eventually dying down to let the real issue come to the surface.

Essentially, those who are born feeling left out of the (human) race shouldn’t have to compete with injustice by having to become the next Michael Jordan/Michael Jackson/Barak Obama – mere tokens of a white man’s meritocracy – just to feel accepted. Nobody (black nor white, male nor female) should have to struggle and compete in this dick-obsessed corporate media tyranny to get “rich or famous” just to feel self-empowered.

Look at your celebrities and billionaires now. Those who define social success and power through big money and super fame know that this can (soon) be an empty and hollow victory.

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Really good, I call this “how to stay sane in an insane world”, thank you.


I was enlightened by this bus trip. I already understand that most likely I will never actually meet Ang and yet I feel like I know him better than some people who are in my vicinity! Must be the authenticity. I’m still contemplating a previous voyage where Ang was talking about light traveling through the dark.


Thank you, this talk has been enlightening and is giving me food for thought now!



  1. I love you, Ang!
    Your posts, private sessions and cosmic bus rides are some of the few (becoming fewer) things in this crazy world that elate my soul and bring joy to my heart. Thank you for being you. Really.

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