URANUS IN RETROGRADE: Is There A Bee In Your Bonnet?

Over the next 5 months, we see the outer world’s struggle for progress come to a halt. It is as if the quest to change becomes internalised into a personal, highly subjectified crusade

During Uranus’ full 84-year transit cycle, the eccentric outer giant moves direct for approximately seven months, then retrograde for the following five months, over a yearly cycle.

Spending seven years in each sign, Uranus covers only 4 new degrees every year. At the change of station, Uranus will repeatedly impact one exact degree three times. Those with planets on or very near that degree will receive the full disruptive force of Uranus’ influence over an 18-month period. When Uranus turns retrograde, the need, desire and demand for freedom becomes internalised rather than projected outwards. This inner, most subjective urge becomes a central motivating factor in making personal decisions and choices, often at the expense of social interests.

On August 15, 2020 URANUS comes to a standstill at 10°♉41′ to turn retrograde.

During the retrograde period (15 Aug- 14 Jan), the demands of society and personal family commitments can build to such anxiety and strain that a powerful compulsion to be free can take complete hold of the affected individual.

The struggle between the old and the new is also forcefully felt. Unless there is some relinquishing of expired methods and routines in favour of new pathways, there will be no real peace. Any resistance to this impulse to break free from past structures creates such inner stress and tension that the individual’s situation ultimately collapses to a crumbling heap since the potentially creative purpose of Uranus is mismanaged or denied.

This is a period which will awaken the ‘inner rebel’, the restless renegade and the freaky genius within – those who will buck against conventional attitudes and mores which they consider to be stifling to the quest for freedom, progress and reform.

Utopian visions of a liberated world, not just for one’s self but for the benefit of all, become intuitively aligned with libertarian values, futuristic idealisms, and genius concepts which hope to revolutionise the course of humanity’s history. Sure, these ideas can seem slightly odd, radical, impractical, insane or just plain naive to others, and may indeed seem totally implausible. But then, it is the crazy dreamers, the visionary madmen and the wildly hopeful who possess an inner conviction and urge to change the world and end up making all the difference.

Over the next 5 months, we see the outer world’s struggle for progress come to a halt. It is as if the quest to change becomes internalised into a personal, highly subjectified crusade, where it is up to the individual to make a vital difference. The individuals affected by this transit will feel an enormous inner pressure to radically change their world, to modify their views, shift their perspective to a position which will allow them to express their true inner purpose, go in a direction which seems most in alignment with their innate gifts and talents. In their eccentricity of force and agitated manner, they will illuminate the way for others.

Who is most affected by this?

Anyone who has a planet/point between 10°41′ and 6°43′ in fixed signs, from August 2020 to Jan 2021 will feel the jitters to turn the world upside down like it’s an urgent moral and spiritual imperative… now!:

TAURUS: Your sudden tendency to wig out around others and express yourself in sudden, uncharacteristically spontaneous quirks not only breaks ties with convention, but it makes you incompatible to most people who struggle to keep up with you. Fuck others, you may say, and that may be the new mode for you, but just remember – your need for freedom and independence will come at a heavy cost (which you may not be able to avoid paying anyway).

LEO: Your sense of individuality won’t stand to stay in any position which stifles your ability to express yourself in ways that will draw maximum attention, so what do you do? You either force a career change or it gets forced upon you. Either way, you make a spectacle of yourself, although… it probably won’t be what you bargained for, nor guarantee you the kind of income you’re expecting (unless you let it totally humble you).

SCORPIO: The tendency to attract nutjobs and weirdos into your life is just you looking to pair up with someone who will shift you out of your conventional notions of what a partnership should look like. This will either break your marriage or spice it up – whatever it is, it won’t be stable (until you realise that on a soul level, you are perhaps your own best partner).

AQUARIUS: You’re trying to desperately break away from your symbolic “heritage”, whether it’s the culture, traditions, religion, political persuasion, or just literally cut ties with your hometown and move away. You will experience many ups and downs (and downright earth-quaking disruptions) around the homefront till you finally work out it’s not your family but you who needs to shift your attitudes on your whole ‘past’ story (history) and how indeed you seek security.

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  1. For all the times I was told I couldn’t shouldn’t , stifled,scoffed beaten up and beaten down, well this electrifying energy creeping on my sun makes me honor the soul burning path setting me ablaze with unwavering volcanic intent (con los años que me quedan) yes sir!!

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