Come to terms with one thing: That when we put the fiercely competent and competitive masculine into a state of lockdown, deny it any direct outlet (exercise, sport, hard work, enterprise, debate, sex), then we’re going to foment the Petri dish of all the known (and unknown) psycho-sexual ills and aberrations.

Drug addiction, crime, suicide, sexual perversion, hate groups and mass riots are not a thing to ignore in the hope that they will go away. They are swelling at the underbelly and a product of the political dysfunction and abject mismanagement that has brought us this pandemic (and other global disasters), which, if not managed effectively will get become completely out of hand by December.

Many countries have quickly reverted to authoritarian regimes to get a better handle – not on the epidemic but the masses. It’s no wonder the police are looking more and more like a paramilitary.

If Beirut (last week) wasn’t a sign of what’s to come, then I’m speaking to myself here.

It makes me laugh how Americans are (still) completely oblivious to the fact that there is nobody really in charge over there. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the nostalgic attempts to “fix the problem” by trying to restore a senile old statesman, paired up with a token ‘woman’/token ‘person of colour’. It reveals the dissonance and dire desperation of the system, only reinforcing the reality that hard work & being the best and brightest in the land (meritocracy) has gone out the window. We prefer lies & illusions and, like our answer to everything, we prefer to use band-aids to ‘mask’ that which is seriously festering away under the surface.

As the lockdowns and social limitations continue, the corruption spreads wider. It attacks the individual nervous system and corrodes the mental health of fit, healthy bodies. One cannot predict how anyone will act when triggered. The powderkeg of suppressed masculinity – the unemployed, the idle, the depressed and hopeless, the genuinely pissed off – is lit and ready to explode.

Something has to give under this faux-democracy.

I hope you’re aware of this…

[pic: yasmina hatem “David vs. Goliath”]

By the end of the weekend, forces will have mounted to launch full-scale restraints upon that which they deem to be impure, contaminating or corrupt. Many noses may be put out of joint.

Among all this, the tendency for heroics and martyrdom will be great.

Keep in mind, always, that just because someone is willing to die violently does not necessarily validate their cause. Nature will win in the end, and she has no moral judgement over who is right or wrong. She eliminates the dim and the ignorant without so much as a shedding a tear.

Pick your battles wisely. This can be an especially cruel and brutal war, especially if you choose to take sides.

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