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The spiritual journey is never a happy one. It is always painful, ends in tragedy because in its essence it cuts a lonely path for its seer or prophet – one which individuals must eventually take alone, if somehow later followed by fanatical groups, movements and entire societies.

Sure, we can try to push our spirituality onto others, try to convince them to follow us on our ordained journey, but these ‘pushers’ are generally revealed to be ‘false prophets’. Real collaboration is built on firm answers; hard evidence rather than mere philosophical questions and religious mysteries. No matter how sexy or powerful you make your version of god, unless you can keep convincing them with miracles, you will eventually come up against someone who rages against your stultified religion and ends up forging one of their own.

It happened to Martin Luther around the last time Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn (Jan 1518). After challenging the patriarchal laws, institutions and rituals of the Catholic Church, Luther and his followers wrote whole new law books, established new institutions and produced ceremonies that seemed to capture the spirit of their day.

Same thing with Jesus, and the Buddha before him. In their unyielding quest for truth, they left a string of disciples who turned over all the laws, rituals and structures of traditional Judaism and Hinduism, replacing them with more laws, more rituals, more structures, albeit under their masters’ names.

In today’s age, as the Industrial revolution prepares to fully shift humanity into digital form, the latest reformation will be led by those who understand existing structures, rituals and laws all too well, can see their limitations and subvert them into new techno-religions, ones which promise us all salvation through computer algorithms and genetic biotechnology.

These new tech-religions, spawned by the most sophisticated, yet loneliest prophets of Silicon Valley, not only bring us closer into contact with a god who can see and control every little aspect of our daily existence but also furnishes us with perfected bodies, minds and entire virtual worlds, replete with a whole range of bespoke heavens and hells to suit.

Now isn’t that something to get excited about?


  1. Wow! Scary stuff, and I for one, am not up for following that religion. Or indeed, any! Why can life not be about individual freedom within collaborative groups? I love the way you so clearly see the other angle….
    Thank you Ang. Blessings to you

  2. “Morals are simply a matter of time
    And where you lay your head’s a question of pride
    But when it’s said and done you’ll find in the light
    That privilege and wit made me misfortune’s child
    Can’t tell collapse that it needs to slow down
    Can’t tell death that it shouldn’t come around
    And when they find my head
    And put it on a stake
    You’ll know that guilt and disgrace keep the dead man awake”

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