Bragging, big talk, dogmatic opinions and scientific inaccuracy in statements is at epidemic proportions here. Jupiter is Capricorn does not make ‘El Gordo’ more conservative, it just means the excess comes from those in usually conservative roles.

Sure, we like to share our ten-cent wisdom with others, and we can expertly become advocates and propagandists for whatever crazy cause is going down. However, we must be up for a certain degree of opposition from others because this is neither the time to try to be convincing or profound, nor does it seem like anyone has the clout to make their sophistries stick. This is because intellectually, minds are restless, hyper-reactive, and we are looking to bridge connections or join the dots between ideas or concepts where there’s often little or no correlation between them whatsoever.

All we’re doing is adding to the chaos. Don’t believe me. Do your own research 🎱

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