It is Solstice. The Sun is at 00° Cancer, what astrologers call “the World Axis” (0° Cardinal signs). In just a few hours, the Moon will pass before the Sun, obscuring his majestic glow, all but for a bright ring of fire (corona) around his edges. Those in Africa, southeast Europe and most of Asia will be able to witness the spectacle of this phenomenally rare event. It is accompanied by two penumbral lunar eclipses, two weeks to either side.

The last time we experienced an eclipse on the World Axis was on June 21 2001, although in Mar 2015, there was an eclipse at 29° Pisces 34′. Both eclipses were total, but their proximity to the Lunar Node, which determines their potency in both personal and mundane geopolitical affairs was several degrees away.

The effects of the most potent eclipses last for months, possibly years. The most potent, such as this one (-1°14′) acts as a powerful reset point, activating a global crisis that will see all humanity somehow affected. As we have discussed at length in our cosmic bus sessions, the ceremony is about to begin.

Extraordinarily, we will experience a second Cancer lunation 28 days from now. It is a potent time to explore the world of feelings; allow your instincts to guide you home; reconnect to your roots. Forget about the toxic outside world for a while; keep to yourself, your family and your own kind, stay safe, cosy and secure.


The ducks are all lined up. We are all very well-rehearsed to come straight home, stay home, and don’t speak to any strangers along the way. Although many of us may ALREADY feel a little cloistered and fed up with being cooped up over these past weeks, we best get used to things being this way. The wise ones know very well how to preserve their safety and protection. They are empowered in their aloneness. They are strengthening their immunity from the cancerous disease of the exterior. As for the ‘clever’ ones, there’s nothing I can say to those, other than know that humanity is now set to pass through its most purifying ring of fire…Best to just take it all in, and enjoy xx

Blessings Happy Solstice xx

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