Just like the #MeToo (Nov2017) flushed out the sleazy operations of middling “ruling-class” pimps like Weinstein and Epstein, what is currently happening around the world – the disgusting revelations of abuse of power by the martial dogs of “law-enforcement” is akin to the rage of Caliban seeing his own face in a glass.

Caliban is the brutish slave of the magician, Prospero. He is vulgar and crudely ignorant, but not entirely dumb or unambitious. He fantasizes about stealing Prospero’s books (which he cannot read) plotting to one day become more powerful than Prospero and overthrow him. But his lack of scruples drives him to rape Miranda, Prospero’s daughter, for which he is banished, confined to a rock. Looking for another god to follow, he begins to idolise Stephano, a shipwrecked servant. Caliban soon discovers Stephano is not a god, just a dim imitator. Coming to terms with his own mediocrity, he agrees to go back to obeying Prospero again.

Our world is not just sick, it is perversely grotesque. We have reached the point where we see our elite masters – those superbillionaires, merchant bankers, and heads of big media platforms and churches as the esteemed but enviable oppressors of the collective human imagination. This is a peculiar face-off since we also grimly suspect that we are nothing like them and fear that we shall never be since we are too empathetic to possess any of their superpowers.


** Incidentally, did anyone notice how, in the thick of the ‘rioting and looting’ fiasco, Elon & the gang took off on a private rocketship to Mars?

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