Divide & Rule: JUPITER/PLUTO’s 2020 Conjunction & the New Plutocracy

As if Pluto transiting Capricorn (2008 – 2024) isn’t enough indication that we’re desperately trying to reconstruct our perfect image of an all-powerful father figure…

The ingress of Jupiter into the aforementioned earth-cardinal domain in December 2019 added about as much hype and hoopla as the stiff and punctilious old Capricorn goat’s going to get (outside the customary formalities of Christmas and New Year).

Throughout 2020, our god-of-gods; ruler of all rulers, Jupiter endeavours to streamline and impose laws which promise to improve the management of public structures, monuments, establishments and social institutions. Forming strong bonds to his underworld sibling, Pluto through multiple conjunctions, one may wonder whether these two are in cahoots to actually corrupt every law we’ve come to know and trust After all, what’s the purpose of our great halls of justice, our esteemed monuments, constitutions and institutions?

Are they not there to prescribe and instil us of our cultural virtues; uphold and regulate our social values; keep politicians honest and inspired to lead us well? Or are they merely spectacular relics, charming attractions that haul in the tourist dollars? Or do they serve no purpose at all, only the ridiculous notion of outdated traditions and gloried legacies of class entitlement?

Whatever their value, our statues, historical monuments and legal institutions are social legacies that somehow, somewhere in our linear history meant an important amount to someone. Whether we chose to respect and obey these or not, we’re forced to know it and pay our homage thanks to the binding laws and contracts formed under key Jupiter/Pluto transits.


Partile on three separate occasions, Jupiter and Pluto remain in near-conjunction throughout the entire of 2020.

Partile at 24°♑53’/ 24°♑06’℞ / 22°♑52′

Ebertin doesn’t mince with words at all – he calls this combination “the desire for power (plutocracy)”. Just seeing what’s going on these days, in the spread of the greatest pandemic since the HIV/AIDS virus, it’s plausible that there could be a mad power-grab by those who control all the wealth on this planet.

There is widening concern among many conspiracy theorists that the world is governed by oligarchs, business moguls and corporate despots, etc. However, this conspiracy is neither new nor is it merely a theory. Amidst the horror and fear spread by the global pandemic, it would not be entirely unfeasible to expect some extreme measures dished out by those at the top. After all, they stand to have the most to lose if the world and its prized monuments should topple and break.

Mars activated the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint by conjunction on Mar 22, effectively triggering a world-wide state of martial law and shelter-in-place kinds of lockdowns.

Jupiter seeks to see wisdom, harmony, law and good times. Pluto wants wealth, power and unmitigated change or otherwise threatens complete destruction. Their collaboration in the chief-executive boardrooms of Capricorn, amounts to nothing short of a conspiracy to impose extreme new laws (or to at least pervert, debase or diminish existing ones). Will these new laws help to correct and eliminate the causes behind unbearable social conditions, or will they further expedite Pluto’s unstoppable lust for absolute control, power and wealth.

In the ambitious, patriarchal realm of Capricorn, this desire to rule over all society can take on quite monumental proportions itself. After already spending 2 years in Capricorn, its ruler Saturn has skipped over the fence to Aquarius. He will soon return to his domain at the beginning of July. Here, he can limit and control any apparent abuses or excesses inflicted by the ruthlessly ambitious Jupiter/Pluto who seek both notability and notoriety.

Under a benevolent leader, this combination could be applied to introduce sweeping legislative measures that transform the entire judiciary process, ensuring wealth and benefits for all. Of course, nothing corrupts more absolutely like absolute or centralised power. Under the pretext of a global health emergency, an unscrupulously opportunistic leader might see this opportunity to impose extreme force, assuming full, totalitarian state of control.

There is commonly the veneer of some ‘moral agenda’ or ‘stringent code of ethics’, even religion or nationalism (anything with a banner or flag) that one might employ as the axiom to move the masses to a ‘higher’ place.

Given the opportunity, those holding the stick are liable to go hard, introducing legislation (Jupiter) denying individual freedoms for the sake of accomplishing a collective vision which, of course, only they get to decide. With Jupiter under a bad sign, our understanding of ‘morality’ could be skewed, distorted and manipulated, that one may find it easy to discard people or destroy anything that tries to stand in the way of a good moral tale.

Whether expressed through humans or through forces of nature, the more antithetical side to Jupiter/Pluto brings out the more ruthlessly adverse elements, where extensively destructive natural disasters, or acts of psychopathic criminal behaviour (esp. by those in any position of influence) through abuse of office or the deposition of legal or sacred laws and documents.

On the positive side, we do learn how to control ourselves, exercising greater care that we do not violate each other’s right to live a happy, healthy and contented life, and with enough digging, research, study and debate, we come to find all kinds of refreshing truths that previously remained concealed.

Our capacity for spiritual regeneration and ability to channel constructive forces – especially in times of crisis – depends on the level of metacognition, especially in society’s leaders, judges and administrators. Do they know themselves deeply enough; possess the adequate insight to penetrate into the motives and machinations of society’s laws to help bring humanity out of the pits of darkness and despair, restore harmony and balance for everyone?

By the end of the year, and with numerous life-shifting events, the capacity for our own abilities and perceptions to deeply determine what is true and fair will become sharper. This is especially assisted through deep investigative study and through practices like yoga, meditation techniques, spiritual healing, clairvoyance, and prophecy. These may sound magical, but such are the supernatural powers of Pluto, whom any astrologer would arguably attest is, this year, getting an extreme makeover in the mindset of human consciousness.

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  2. Such a GREAT article!! May we come together to make the change we want to see and be in this upside down world!! ONE WORLD without the overbearing power and money control that they have/are creating for the elite!!

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