“Let me seduce you with my numbers”.

#ᴀᴤᴛƦᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿/♀ □ ♆

REMEMBER: We are in the midst of a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to PLUTO, which means we are in it. When you’re “in” something, it’s hard to see yourself, in the very nature of that thing that you are in.

Like not being able to see the outside of the car you are a passenger in, the conjunction fuses energies together, like folks in a carpool. The discussion inside the car is tempered by the opinions and motivations of those inside, with no room or capacity for self-reflection. Their combined opinions about what’s happening outside and their agreed-upon choices will steer the car.

JUPITER (law) SATURN (government) and PLUTO (breakdown) together generate enough force to reverse any plans previously made. It does this by imposing extreme changes in current lifestyle systems; transforming any notions about the future into something which is pressingly all about today.

These guys will be in the Capricorn (restrainment) car together for months, so brace yourselves, especially if you’re coming at them from the Aries (all-about-me) motorbike. MARS (anger) riding with ERIS (envy) will square them at the intersection several times between the end of July and Jan 2021.

Ultimately, it becomes a fight that will see governments (and their laws/constitutions) become either completely corrupted and decayed or transmuted to something that gives way to every individual fighting for inclusion and survival. This is the fight of our lives because where Pluto/Eris are involved, it is a case of evolution vs extinction.

The current Neptune squares to Mercury/Venus in Gemini do indicate how distorted the information getting across is. Neptune veers the message of peace and harmony into the ‘wishful thinking’ realms. Believe nothing, and always tell the truth (or at least don’t lie).


  1. Angie Arlene Beavers

    I am feeling this definitely. I was just Involved in a delusion of friendship.. A friend that reached out and wanted to make things harmonious only to turn bipolar on me right afterward

  2. There is power in numbers, ,, the universe is all numbers ,,,
    The infinite power of 0. I don’t know much but my careers was built on “0 and “1”,,,,🧐
    Neptune is pure truth that gets lost in the sea of perception
    Xx ♥️💫

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