MARS IN PISCES May 13-Jun 28

[pic: sara shakeel]

Here, at the close of the industrial age, we are entangled in a vast and sprawling global network of effectively organised corporations, all there to help us to adjust to the profound sickness that now engulfs our society.

For instance, Big Pharma provides the panacea to dull out any pain, caused by the negative reactions people are having to the medley of toxins put out by our very very sick societies. Anything from diabetes to high blood pressure; migraines & allergies, heart disease and cancer, ADHD, autism, stress, anxiety & depression, obesity, obsessive manias, psychopathy, sociopathy, and every other health perversion you can think of. And don’t get us started on the vaccines…

Of course, adding a surprise new virus that causes the world to shudder into a modern-day “black-death” pandemic only amplifies the state of our new-age vulnerabilities, but also underscores the importance we must place on these pharmaceutical corporations to ‘save’ us.

All of our current ‘illnesses’ are likely and valid reactions to the artificial & abnormal status which we must portray in order to appear normal and functional, according to a socially-defined standard. Our f*cked up states, conditions, ailments and disorders are merely symptoms that we are anything but coping with the direction the old 3D world is railing us towards.

Yet we do not dare to change a thing.

Instead, we flippantly “medicate” ourselves away, glibly ignoring toxic side effects our b’loved “medications” cause.

Meanwhile, Big Media provides a directly streaming personal-on-demand channel to our bespoke happiness, distracting our attention away from the growing madness of crowd behaviour, gradually helping us to normalise all the bizarre news narratives, absurd nonsense, scandalous celebrities and politricksters, Facebook and twitter wars, foreign intrigue, porn and online hook-up sites, youtube prophets and quasi-religious gurus, insta-influencers and billionaire philanthropists, etc.. Who are the real heroes and could you tell them apart from those you binge-watch daily on your Netflix?

Try to observe where we are sitting as objectively as possible, without your federally-administered drugs and boutique media delusions and then come tell me that you’re perfectly in tune and you are fine. No, please do that.

MARS enters Pisces (May 13), where, like VENUS, by June 14, he will slowly drown himself in a sea of NEPTUNE. Is it because he does not want to face reality? Or is he so damned sedated and subdued that he does not possess the potency or fortitude to get out there and take any action? Perhaps he just wishes to avoid all confrontation, wait and see what happens. Strangely, if he comes to the front line at all, he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice…

Meanwhile, Big Daddies PLUTO, SATURN and JUPITER are planning to collude and to conspire once again in Capricorn, taking this opportunity to lay down the complete framework for that “brand new normal” you’ve been wanting. Remember, you ordered on Amazon weeks ago?? Relax… you’re gonna love it! After all, didn’t I hear you say that you were looking to see some “change”?


  1. Wonderful messages and cosmic bus rides lately Ang. Thanks so much. Have unplugged from social media hype so really appreciate your emails and videos. I wouldn’t find you otherwise and I truly enjoy laughing along and agreeing with your wit and keen sense of what’s going on.
    Much love, big blessings.

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