Whilst I do not in any way agree that using violence is an effective way to achieve any end, especially in protest, this is, unfortunately, the irrepressible force of MARS defending his boundaries.As I posted at the start of this week “Get a taste of what’s about to erupt when MARS squares JUPITER/PLUTO/SATURN in Aug, Oct & Jan.”

Events in China/Hong Kong, Minessota/USA, Trump/Twitter, Cummings/UK this week point clearly to where the hotspots later this year and into 2021 will lie. Not so much in the political sense, but in the fundamental principles that just under the surface, the individual human spirit harbours a transgenerational resentment of oppression and enslavement by the instrument of the state. It all comes back to the ‘elite’ or ‘ruling’ class abusing civil liberties because, well… fuck knows why(?)… something that will not easily be tolerated in the looming stages of the Aquarian Age.

Man vs. the Machine.

We learn from our mistakes. But not what we are supposed to learn, only the things that make us madder and instead of acting wisely and with prudence next time, we learn to bottle up the anger, project it randomly towards our loved ones and occasionally, when it gets all too much, explode into an uncontrollable rage and unholy war.



  1. What transcends Hope?

  2. Interesting that the COVID-19 virus caused shortness of breath and in extreme cases death by asphyxiation and the slogan for the George Floyd protests is ‘I can’t breath’. Are we underwater?

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