As VENUS slows, her force of attraction focuses around the one degree where she will station over the next couple of weeks. As she retrogrades at 21°♊50′ (May 13) we sense a subtle, alluring pull towards news and information. Venus in Gemini is all about the latest gossip, making love to the mind, a desire to hear about and discuss what’s going on. 

Venus will ℞etrograde at 21°♊50′ on May 13, effectively in square to Neptune until the last week of May

Venus’ square to NEPTUNE dominates until the new moon on May 22nd. Neptune bends and distorts everything, introducing alternative universes. To Venus, who is just wanting to get the story straight, this may be a buzzkill or seductive bait to some mysterious lagoon. Lots of tripped-out attempts to fascinate us with one wild story after another can leave us quite lost and confused.

Interesting how the many conspiracies are conspiralling the most vulnerable of folks into the absurdiest lagoons.

[art: alex stoddard]

With VENUS slowing to square NEPTUNE all next month, don’t feel surprised to find your exes washing up, here and there, either on your phone or in your dreams. But do not kid yourself. Know it’s impossible…

Experiencing impossible love is stressful.

Obstacles in your way not only cloud your judgement but if the object of your affection is on another dimension of consciousness, attached to someone else, geographically out of reach, indifferent to your gender, deceased, disabled or simply incapable of returning your affection, then you’re pretty much screwed.

Distress, anguish, grief, anger, even shame will haunt you day and night. You might think this is all a universal ploy for you to feel a disengagement, a letdown, a disappointment, or frustration for no reason. Sure, maybe in your fantasies and dreams you bring to life some moments of enjoyment and excitement. Or maybe you’re just always drunk, or off your head on smoke or pills, see things through rosy screens. But when your high wears off and reality sets in, your reveries are easily negated and dissolve into thin air.

So why would you want a love that is impossible?

Perhaps you suffered trauma as a child, relate more to having a broken bond with someone unavailable because it lets you re-enact a state-of-heart that perpetuates your sense of an undeserving child, an unrequited situation which somehow revives shame-ridden memories that left you always longing.

Now with the Venus nearly retrograde,
observe all those whom you ‘once’ loved
and all those you once knew
pervade into your dreams and fleet, only to fade
and dream the dream of love anew…

…the road ahead is filled with twists and turns, and though you can’t turn back (you have to pay), there are several places you can stop and recollect; perhaps make peace, or cut some strings, or say those things you always wished that you once could, just to feel free.□ ♆


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