Conspiracy theory mania is rife and with so much corruption about, it’s no surprise that people (finally) are waking up to what has always been and always will. Megalomaniacal intentions, lead by the malefactors of great wealth, whose fortunes, swollen beyond all healthy limits, proceed with shameless, messianic attempts to devour and control the earth and all of its resources in the guise of ‘saving the planet’.

In the shadow of JUPITER/SATUN/PLUTO, it would appear that a ‘totalitarian democracy’ is on the march, and those public or private activities which do not serve to advance the centralised agenda of the powerful few hold no useful purpose, sap space and time and energy, and must, therefore, be eliminated.

Or at least that’s the theory…

Political and business endeavours which tend to strengthen the centralised economies of plutocratic coffers are seen as valuable, whereas education, science, law, sport and religion, which tends to empower the individual, are seen as unimportant or counterproductive.

It is no wonder that the unfortunate effect of this PHOBID19 pandemic, which seems to have us all corralled and curfewed and frustrated should then incite many who are truly afraid of what is going to happen to point the finger of blame.

People feel snubbed, ignored, neglected, and though it comes from a place of disgust (or maybe envy) of not being allowed to play on the same plane as the big boys, there is a lot of fear-borne scorn airborne, and it’s becoming wildly infectious.

Hypocritical as it may seem, we’re just as likely to be in support of the very thing that we come to detest. This is the paradox with the current system. With SATURN square URANUS in Taurus, we have enough invested in the current structure to feel somehow safely held by it, yet it confines us so that we cannot stand to be a part of it.

This bitchful ‘casting of shade’ towards those who have all the power, wealth, money, status and sex appeal lays down the pavement for the weeks and months ahead: As Pluto now stations to retrograde the intensity we had for “out there” turns inwards. Soon Jupiter and Saturn will turn retro too. We see the structure of the world within ourselves – a structure which functions on natural law – a powerful regenerative process which is endless and requires everyone to operate, even you.

Once you (and everyone else) realises that you actually feed the ‘powers that be’ with either fear, envy or love, you can begin to make the choices that bring you to a higher state of joy and happiness and well-being. The fighting ahead may be necessary, but only until everyone agrees to nature’s law and learns to follow her law. Those who abuse the law, or somehow conspire to manipulate the law to get a personal advantage are doomed to certain failure and destruction…

Just as you have the power to choose, so too does nature…

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