Since last week’s URANEAN NEW MOON, which was in square to SATURN’s government-sponsored “new reality”, we have all undergone some serious nerve-wracking moments. These have possibly caused some built-up anxiety and, no doubt, depression; lack of sleep, etc. Why? Because Saturn’s ‘official fear-narrative’ conflicts with what the inner-voice has been screaming at us (for those you dare to listen).

Sure, there are those who are happy to go along with the mainstream line, for the sake of being a ‘responsible’, law-abiding citizen, not wanting to rock the status quo boat. But contra to this, there are those who cannot stand the tension and strain they are feeling internally about what they are being told is the ‘right thing to do’. Nor are they pleased recipients of the kind of fury and disgust that they’re receiving from those in defiance to the mainstream line. It’s been micro-explosions and arguments for the past week…

Yes, the tension is still high, no matter where you stand. Even if trying to stay neutral, you’re possibly copping a little ricochet fire.
By mandate, Saturn will try to quell, snuff out, discredit, limit and dispel any resistance from Uranus.
Intuitively, Uranus will kick back, won’t be curtailed or restrained. At the slightest provocation, he will lose his shit and even use force to bust loose if necessary.

Triggered to madness:

This quarter moon in Leo sets the scene for the ultimate stand-off. In the next few hours, as public mood shifts to greater demand for its sovereign heart to be heard, one can hear the pacing of a very serious showdown about to take place at high noon. Saturn is determined to lay down the new law. Mars is out to enforce it. Yet, Mercury’s conjunction to Uranus charges the mind with rapid-fire wit, and even though in Taurus, the draw will be slow and deliberately aimed at the bullseye.

Be absolutely warned. Egos are at their most defensive today. This can be a highly stiff, dangerous 24 hours. Proceed with caution, or step away with intent, just at the right moment. Do not be caught off-guard.

See you on the bus in about 12 hours…

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  1. I woke up to crazy unfounded accusations. I fought back I guess. The only thing I could do to honor myself was to take a saltwater soak, go through an old file cabinet and go in the yard and replant Hostas. WTF. I’m weary AF.

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