[pic: Vanessa Allan] Da Nang, Vietnam, 2013. Back when it was cool to travel abroad, be outdoors, and it was considered good etiquette to pick one’s nose among company…


Trying to cope gracefully with an uncomfortable situation when these clueless assholes on TV keep putting out their dictatorial attitude is really fucking irritating.

We know we’re tied down. We don’t need a reason to feel mindfucked, bored shitless, scared and despondent. Nor do we need any more reasons to despise you. STFU trying to tell us to wash our hands every 2 minutes, it’s ain’t healthy.

Besides, I like my germs.

Mercury’s virtually been semisquare to Mars since the start of last month, touching off once on Jan 11, then again (in Rx) on March 7. This final time though… it’s the last straw with this goddamned ‘virus’ nonsense.

How much longer?? Well, that information is worth too much to share here, but let me say this, with punks like my kids here, I predict a riot…

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿♓ ∠ ♂/♄♒


  1. cock block/clam jam indeed.
    Laughed reading that- had wondered what was going on with all that nice sexual energy
    Thank you

  2. Well, Ang! You are too optimistic when it comes to people! You THINK they don’t have to tell to people! What I see and experience is totally different. What they see and experience is totally different. What the virus highlighted and backlighted is that 75% of GLOBAL humans are idiots . You don/t agree? yoiu don’t have to, but that we are in this total mess is because of exaactly that (no matter who you blame) and not just some aligned planetary congfigs. Humans developed brains but 3/4 of them didn’t learn to use them! Too harsh for you? Well do you think I give a f>ck about opinions? I see the 3D reality as you named that because I LIVE IN it. It is the reality right now! Deal with it and not some airhead ideas. WHy don’t you ask a doctor or a nurse about it instead of sitting in your philosophical chair?

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