CLOCK STRIKES 11 (in the prelude to MARS/SATURN)

[art: igor morski]

CLOCK STRIKES 11 (in the prelude to MARS/SATURN)

It’s going to take some persuasion.

Even when the clocks of doomsday have been chiming loudly, every hour upon the hour, humans continue now, at the eleventh hour to willfully ignore the signs that something’s coming to a close.

Why is it we so willfully choose to ignore that our sweet world is being maniacally mis-handled and all our valid hopes are being siphoned digitally through every possible account? Maybe we’re just moronically resigned to being infected with dis-ease and lies by false idols & influencers, by silly garbed-up preachers of the stupidest religions, or slumped perhaps into a hedonistic Netflix apathy, or still defiantly flocking to our bars, or temples or the beaches just to suck that Kool-Aid to its very dregs.

Uranus/Neptune has done this. Left us all perfectly averse of accepting facts and scientific insights in place of utter nonsense, turned all the ‘experts’ into squabbling squawkers, creating the crass cacophony of commentary that advises the current kakistocracy.

Meanwhile, the golden apple of discord continues to run rife and promulgate her seed of strife amongst us. And every contest that was true and fair has now been banished or ‘postponed’, and we shall soon be wondering whether we’ll be left to fight it out on Fury Road. Let the games begin…

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  1. Relying on your updates to understand these crazy times!

  2. Thank you Ang for your guidance in these tough times. It’s really helping us stay afloat. This too shall pass 🙏. God bless

  3. I know I sound like a parrot Ang but your guidance is invaluable! Very grateful to be on your bus ♥️
    Lots of Love To you brother Ang

  4. Thank you 😊

  5. I looked for a newsletter couldn’t find one.

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