FULL MOON at 20°00′ LEO – Expressing your Inner Gifts Without Drama and Childish Demands

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What is it that you are needing to express, and how are others taking it? Are you being received or is it making you more anxious and left out?

As the Moon enters Leo she glides closer to earth than usual, intensifying her impact upon our most unconscious and instinctive behaviours. This ‘SuperMoon’, exact on Sun Feb 09, 07:34 UTC, brings all of humanity into a heightened state of awareness of its emotional insecurities and shortcomings. Whether through conflict in our relationships or with the capacity for self-reflection, at this Full Moon highlights instances where we are forced to face the consequences of our reactive behaviour; examine deeply buried tendencies, of which we may otherwise be ignorant or oblivious.

When the Moon is in Leo, our emotional needs for approval and applause from others become most magnified. Garnering others’ attention becomes an emotional fuel, a primal urge which helps us feel supported and secure. Should this external support from those we’ve habitually come to depend on to feed this hunger to feel special, loved and admired be denied or ignored, all kinds of infantile, brattish kinds of petulance is likely to break loose.

In a world where freedom to exhibit our individual uniqueness to others is now expedited through social media channels and increasingly more liberal laws, the cacophony of everybody’s ‘specialness’ screaming to be seen and heard has reached epidemic proportions.

For the past three years, the continuing semisquare between Uranus and Neptune not only indicates how much information has become distorted, but it has also sensitised us to things we do and do not want to hear. In a social environment where egos and vanities are easily injured due to hypersensitivities to abrasive criticism and untruths, the spirit of healthy and sustainable collectivism becomes under assault by the threat of moody grandstanding, dramatic displays and sulky behaviour.

At this Full Moon the cold, unenthused Aquarian Sun which stands opposite the childishly performative Leo Moon’s demanding, often histrionic displays is not amused. Aquarius holds an emotional indifference, holding deference to anything that doesn’t benefit the group. It only values actions and behaviours which contribute to the collective.

In one sense, the Aquarian Sun holds some appreciation for the Leonine Moon’s qualities of emotional self-determination, personal magnetic charm and gifted qualities which makes the inner child attractive to others. However, it will not stand for overtures of ego-stubbornness and temper tantrums. Both Leo and Aquarius being fixed signs, friction and conflict escalate whenever rigid interests clash, particularly if the force of emotion (not conscious will) attempts to dominate others to liking, loving and acceptance. In such instances, emotional immaturities become exposed and brought onto the table for open discussion, mediation and some kind of a compromise.

The underlying theme of the Leo Full Moon is to learn how to express our inner talents without the drama and pomposity. It commands us to overcome any emotional attachments and demands to being heard just because we can scream the loudest. It beckons us to find the courage and strength to rise above our unchecked, infantile needs; to grow up and take the higher moral ground. A certain level of maturity is necessary to act in awareness of how our inner need to be admired is going to be received constructively by the greater audience, especially those who hold authority.

We must be mindful that in the background the harsh, no-nonsense effects of Saturn/Pluto are kicking in. All expired social systems, structures and regimes are gradually falling apart. The old elitist order of society and the way in which we used to operate to get attention is collapsing. Few people are still fooled or amused by the infantile, unprocessed ploys to feel ‘special’, ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ or even ‘imposing’. Any hint of a ‘superiority complex’ – compulsive behaviours which tend toward celebrating self-adulation, hogging the limelight, ego-inflation, and attempts to bully those who are unable to resist begin to stand out as a cry for help. This condition is made especially obvious to us through the unchecked actions of super-insecure, fame or status-obsessed individuals glorified by today’s celebrity-mad culture.

So how to deal with the key issues of this Full Moon?

Come to terms with your ego-attachments. Find respectful and constructive ways to assume an optimistic approach and to fulfil your personality needs.

Focus much less on what’s going on out there and more on what’s holding yourself together. If you can count on you, that’s all that counts: someone who can stand alone; capable of imagining that your entire destiny is in your own hands, alone. You may have to create or discover appropriate ways to satisfy your inner needs, rather than relying on others.

True democracy will eventually pitch you back upon yourself and in the end, confine you totally to the solitude and power of your own explosive heart.

Naturally, we all hold our own position along in life’s attention-seeking spectrum. You might experience various challenges, depending on where you stand along the Leo/Aquarius polarity. As usual, I have included a more intensive, personalised delineation of how this Sun/Moon dynamic will affect your sign, with respect to the current position of the other planets. [click link below to access your special, empowering horoscope messages…]

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