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Annular Solar Eclipse at 04°07′ Capricorn: Pledge to Duty or Crown of Thorns?

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At precisely 05:14 UTC on Thursday, December 26, 2019, the New Moon’s pass in front of the Sun will give us a rare third Solar Eclipse in 2019. The first eclipse on January 6, 2019, was a partial solar eclipse, the second on July 2, 2019, was a total solar eclipse. This third eclipse, called an annular because the lunar disk is too small to completely cover the Sun, forms an annulus at its peak – a thin ring which surrounds the new moon’s silhouette created by the Sun’s surface.

This is significant, because, for a brief moment, the Moon appears to obstruct the Sun’s majesty, and even dons his noble crown. The phenomenon, called a “ring of fire”, is spectacular to witness and will be visible from some parts of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. This is interesting, given the turbulent events between the ‘rulers’ and the chastised ‘subjects’ of some of these lands in the last few months.

In typical eclipse fashion, the conscious intention of the naturally authoritarian Capricorn Sun is momentarily usurped when the Moon intercedes between him and us, down here on earth. This rare eclipse happens when the Sun and Moon align along only a few degrees away from the lunar south node. A South Node eclipse brings out the most egotistical attitudes associated with the sign it falls in, drawing humanity’s evolution backwards rather than advancing us forward. It makes us clutch for deadwood – expired social structures; obsessions with money; control; hierarchies; status, etc.

Although the spectacle of the lunation itself only lasts a few minutes, the impactful themes of the eclipse lasts for months/years, both before and after the event – especially if it impacts elements in your chart.

The Moon is not dignified in Capricorn. She is in the sign of her detriment because Capricorn denies her from connecting to her feelings. Bound to a sense of duty and social obligation, the Moon finds it impossible to follow with her instincts, follow her inner nature. Though she may don the Sun’s sacred crown, it is an empty sovereignty and feels more like a cruel crown of thorns.

Jupiter, who has only just entered Capricorn is one degree away at 05°♑20′. His typically benefic force is also not dignified in Capricorn. Jupiter is in his fall here. His usual powers to bring harmony, law and truth are in detriment because rather than supporting the spirit of the law, Jupiter in Capricorn insists of following the letter of the constitution.

A square from Chiron compounds the conflict between socially prescribed expectations versus following the calling of our wild, unbridled spirit. This holds the key to what is about to take place for us over the next 6-12 months because assisted by an earth trine from then iconoclastic Uranus, this eclipse shows every indication that the world we live in is bound to swing towards greater authoritarianism. As we are already aware and are about to see more intensely in the coming weeks, the Saturn/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2020 will create extreme pressure on everyone to ‘take responsibility’.

Only question is, to what should we be responsible? Do we trust our instincts or do we listen to what the ‘authorities’ are telling us? Who are these authorities who rule over our human spirit?? These are critical questions that are now, at this Sun/Moon/Earth alignment are being raised at a mind/body/soul level.

In earnest homage to this epic lunation, I have diligently prepared a lengthy synopsis on how these eclipses will affect each of the 12 zodiac signs (click the link below to take you through). They are essential reading for all you subscribers, and also available to purchase individually.

While this period will challenge us at the most personal level, it will feel like the pressure is bigger and that the ‘fears and threats’ coming from the exterior world – society, tradition, parents, business, government, the earth’s climate, etc. – are bigger than us. You will have to make an intention on where and how to take responsibility and what is ultimately true. Whatever you choose to do, may it serve to be meaningful and true for you. Many blessings to you and all you value in this world and thank you for your loving support xx

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