As the night skies darken, a New Moon is in the making. When the Moon conjuncts the Sun in any particular sign, the primal, instinctive urges of that sign add considerable support to the Sun’s powerfully intuitive influences. A New Moon consummates the union between the conscious and unconscious. We see what we feel and feel what we see, as if one. One, but a very particular kind of one..

Gemini, being of mutable air, produces a very vibrant reflection of both Solar and Lunar light. Since the Sun is filtered by the emotions of the Moon, a mental currency is generated, bouncing our awareness back and forth between the innumerable thoughtsideas which circulate around us. We become aware of certain transient movements around us and observe. Does it interest us and if so, where? Where is the information coming from and does it provide a reciprocal route?

We scout around for ideas and create contacts which may be of interest to our intellect. Though superficial, they are no less helpful to piece together what may one day constitute a map of our beliefs. We need new facts, and we’re generating a new set of pathways to gather them now.

  • Look at the world around you. How are you connecting, and to what?
  • Can you see how the information streaming through is inspiring ideas that could be handy?
  • And the people: Do you see how whomever you’re connecting with lately is helping to fill your mind with the ‘facts’ you need to get around?

Jupiter’s square to Neptune here should be interesting: By the First Quarter phase, we should see how many of these ideas and their ‘messengers’ are possibly streaming form another dimension, never to meet us on earth. We talk a lot, make lots of plans and schemes, postulate and pontificate on all manner of religious prophecies, sophistries and politicisms, but something rarely gets done. Do we expect more from reality than what our senses are capable of comprehending? Or are we lost in some magical Wonderland?

If so, that might be good, but there is sullen news ahead. An unexpected turn which could flip matters in a topsy-turvy way is likely when Uranus, now in the very grounding sign of Taurus, enters the Jupiter/Neptune rodeo.

Each of the 12 signs feels this differently from their respective seat in the constellations. I have for you here, each a special reading of what’s going down in your neck of the woods. Please expand and enjoy:


Also, for Cosmic Tribe, please join me for the return of Cosmic Bus, here, around the same time tomorrow, where we can meet and discuss what’s coming up in the stars from June. Lots of exciting new ideas in me, after a two-month stay in India. Join me live from Pokhara, Nepal, or catch the replay – I can’t wait to see you all again!

Let’s connect our individual light and become entire constellations.

We are living in exciting times. It’s wonderful to see how things unfold through the help of the stars. Helps explain, but of course, the more we know the more we are urged to come up with ways to better understand it. The world is in a bit of a mess right now, and whether it’s all really personal, or you’re concerned about higher matters, we are looking for a way to make sense out of it all. It just has to be understood, at whatever level we operate. It’s only a matter of coming down (or up) to earth ‘a little’ and start connecting the dots.

See you tomorrow, and have an amazing New Moon! xx

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