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Latest Issue, June 28: JULY ECLIPSES:

“Please don’t take this personally, but…”

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Greetings fellow travellers,

With respect, allow me to keep it super-short here:

There’s a lot of information being exchanged currently, and much of it is highly emotive, deeply personal and charged with all kinds of moral hubris and PC indignation. In my observation, there’s no other phenomenon which contains so much destructive sentiment as being subjected to one’s ☿/♂ triggered ‘moral indignation’, now permeating the entire planet (see social media), setting the scene for envy and hatred to be acted out under the guise of spiritual virtue and human kindness.

Get ready for July and all its quasi-defensive nonsense.

I’m sorry to say, things go from insane-crazy to downright horrible and nasty through the course of this next month. So dreadful is the next lunation cycle that by the end of these eclipses, things between (any of) us will surely never be the same. It’s like we cannot stomach the bitter vetch of this institutional divisiveness nonsense any longer.

We can trust only the Cancer Sun, hovering past the sacred North Node (July 10) to awaken at least some of us that the best remedy for a complete social and political meltdown is to spend it somewhere in nature, hunkered-down in that old familiar hut, with our favourite friends and most cherished loved ones.

Over the past week I have written so much on these current eclipses (17,000+ words), and am now happy to present my extensive synopsis on how each sign will cope through this very life-transforming period. I do hope you enjoy.

PS, look out for random, unannounced Cosmic Bus Stops on FB (Tribe only) there is much I want to share, just… gotta be in the right mood.

Here’s to a happy, safe, loving July xx

Special Messages for the 
July Eclipses

Aries/Aries Rising
Taurus/Taurus Rising
Gemini/Gemini Rising
Cancer/Cancer Rising
Leo/Leo RIsing
Virgo/Virgo Rising
Libra/Libra Rising
Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
Pisces/Pisces Rising

NEW MOON AT 14°11′ TAURUS: May 04, 2019, 

Greetings fellow travellers,

Taurus Season is here and, as usual, it’s time to get grounded. Never has it been – nor will it be – as important as it is today, since the earth is under the threat from increased levels of electrification. Aside from increased intensity of Solar radiation due to holes in the ozone layer, we are living in a world of ever-increasing artificially-generated electromagnetic emissions.

Charges are constantly emitted within urban environments filled with EMF radiation, emanating from ubiquitous WiFi routers, RF, micro-wave, cellular EMF Emissions distributed by devices such as computer, video, mobile phone, wireless house phones, printers, laptops, palm computers, MP3, business and public service communication systems; cell phones, cell towers, broadband towers and routers, GPS, service providers such as military, fire, taxi, police; baby monitors, wireless internet connections, etchome wiring, and a preponderance of domestic and office appliances always operating around us.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been around since the beginning of time as we receive natural EMFs from the Sun and earth itself. The human body itself is a sophisticated electromagnetic system. Our nervous system and heart run on electricity. It wasn’t until mankind learned to generate electricity (and EMFs) 100 years ago that we started to question the overall safety of its radiation. While the jury is still out on what is deemed safe levels (this varies from country to country), it is a known fact that very strong sources of EMF radiation can present significant health risks (like leukemia.)

It is no wonder then that our earthly bodies and their delicate nervous systems become sensitised to subtle electrical vibrations that somehow affect and defray our general health and disposition. The telecommunication and electronics industry have a major conflict of interest against consumers becoming aware of health effects from EMF exposure.

Given the acceleration of our progressive need to exchange increasingly larger volumes of data with one another over faster, more comprehensive networks, there is a pressing hunger from consumers to be connected to even more robust, faster, more reliable and sophisticated networks. In a recent fortnightly Newsletter, I spoke about the perils of the installation of Fifth-generation wireless (5G) technology, the latest iteration of cellular innovation, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks.

5G network infrastructure will allow live connection to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) – the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. Whilst at this stage, only test cities are installing the networks, 5G networks are scheduled to be rolled out in many capital city areas all over the world.

This technological ‘revolution’ over our physical world is only one example of the emerging innovational phenomena signified by the ingress of Uranus in Taurus (Mar 2019). We are seeing many more, and I have touched on these briefly (farming, food, conservation, money, economies, banking, beef, masonry, soil, etc) in past video episodes of ‘Cosmic Bus’.

As the night skies darken with the approach of this earthy, Taurus New Moon, we are none-the-less provided an opportunity to set an intention on how on earth we can become more grounded.

We look around and see how jerky and distracted people’s behaviour is becoming. Almost all people on this planet now at some degree of awareness are somehow connected to the net, many transfixed to cellular or electronic smart devices which are mobile and compact enough to carry on one’s body. Our smart device is effectively a very powerful computer which is connected to every other computer via current 3G/4G networks. It also contains global tracking equipment and has the capacity to charge the body with some levels of EMF radiation.

In this media-addicted world, we are already observing attention spans dither and quiver from one subject to the next, and those more sensitive to the energetic effects from planets like Uranus or Neptune are more likely to suffer the effects of nervous and emotional disorders, as well as a collective state of cognitive dissonance from their immediate social environment.

It is therefore most important that we take a little time this month, with the Sun going through Taurus (ruled by Venus) to re-member to stay in touch with the earth, her eternal permanence, her natural beauty and physical preciousness, as well as to consider our investment into the ways of humanity’s old, timeless values, customs and traditions and economic structure.

Many of us have been raised to believe that some things never change, or at least take centuries to show slow and subtle differences. Indeed, some things appear to stay the same because the rate of their evolution (cosmo-geographical, structural and cultural features, species permanence, climate patterns and complex ecosystems etc.) extend well-beyond our normal human lifespan. Those earth-bound things hold a certain sacredness for their apparent permanence, which today we take for granted, even lose our reverence for, since they present as the antithesis of the rapid-moving, lightning-speed pace of the newly inducted Aquarian Age. Many of those things are on the brink of great changes themselves.

With Saturn/Pluto now in near conjunction at the Capricorn South Node, we see how tenuous and fragile the intrinsic permanence of age-old structures becomes, especially due to threats of climate change, massive socio-political unrest, the plausible threat of nuclear and environmental calamity, and most of all, a growing concentrated power vested into individuals/groups which by themselves possess an overwhelming capacity to wipe out centuries of ‘permanence’ at the click of the switch, or press of a button. We see too how these individuals build enormous protective walls around themselves and are becoming ever more ‘invisible’ from our mainstream societies.

By now we all get the sense that few of the personages seen to represent governments and corporations are the ones in true control. This is the signature of Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn – a ‘hidden patriarchal government’, whose overall task is to control everything (Pluto = mass) using whatever means and force necessary. At the Cappy South Node, these could not be more removed from our instinctive and emotional nature.

We are all becoming wired into the wireless network. Some of us are only just discovering the joys of social connectivity beyond the slow, ‘landline’ speeds of the ‘old world’ communication. Even grandparents, babies and ‘third-world’ citizens, as well as long-determined skeptics are finally getting into the digital swing of things as the ubiquitous gadgetry is getting cheaper to afford and easier to use. We are all being tagged and ready to deal with the effects of electric, magnetic and ionizing radiation of our mini, mobile, body-bound personal computers. At this point, there is little data on the biological effects upon our individual organism from these radiations. It is questionable, in the current age of growing mis-information, suppression and censorship whether we will ever know the true extent of what is going on.

One thing we can forecast, is that by the CAPRICORN LUNAR ECLIPSE (Jul 16), many of the great institutions we have come to know and trust could become as foreign and emotionally distant from us as could ever be imagined. It is then vital that we maintain some sense of perspective about what is occurring on this planet. The mindful are those who can make a conscious intention to stay connected to nature and our humanity, not just in their outward expressions and decisions, but to also have these mirrored in their emotional bodies.

It is imperative that we maintain our natural connection to this planet, and make a conscious effort to include this as a daily practice in our world somehow. Our Special Message this fortnight goes into some depth at how to get the most of Taurus in your horoscope, and sets a guideline of intentions for each sign.

On this 14°11′ Taurus New Moon, exact at 22:46 UTC on May 04, 2019, focus on bringing your unconscious, emotional self into alignment with your conscious mind. Set a whole-hearted intent to connect with the simpleness of the earth’s natural vibrations. Be mindful how this is influenced by the radiating effects of the Sun, but also charged with the artificial electromagnetic fields. Become able to discern who (and what) feeds and holds power over your integral being of intelligence.

Come to a point where you are still, earthed and centred.
Make an intention which emanates from the core of whatever it means to be ‘you’.

Blessings and, on May the Fourth… Be with ‘You’ xx

Past issues….

Libra Full Moon#2: Issued April 18, 2019

[image: natacha einat]

Greetings fellow travellers,

On the Eve of this Full Moon, the second in succession to fall in the constellation of Libra, we are confronted by our own unconscious tendency to ‘seek the peace’, not create waves, maintain some harmony and equilibrium – even in the face of all these apparent storms, fires, wars and provocations which seem to be ever more frequently ravaging our 3D landscape.

As the Moon edges towards another total opposition, this time to the closing Aries Sun, we find our minds wavering over little things that apparently mean a lot. We start to feel more and more restless and uncomfortable, so that to sit in inactivity, indolence and deferral to taking immediate, decisive action develops into a troubling thorn, lodged in our side.

If you want things to just stay ‘nice’ and calm, yet feel something is eating away at you, then you may start to question whether all of this is going to last, carrying on the way it’s going. Things on this planet have already shifted (drastically), and either you are ready to acknowledge this or you’re obviously blissed into oblivious remiss… well… as they say, “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”

We are watching much come to a certain end now. Not one but two Libra Full Moons fall in succession so rarely, each trying (in their own inimitable way) trying to tell us something has to be seen and confronted, especially since the first (on March 21) occurred precisely as the Sun was on the world axis, conjunct Chiron. This second Full Moon, now at the last degree of Libra sees the Aries Sun slowly about to contact the calamitously disruptive Uranus, now for the first time back in Taurus since 1934. Again, this follows a similar period of sustained squares to Pluto (1932-34), where rising new technologies (ie. radio) gave birth to a revolutionary new way of manipulating the collective consciousness with propagandist views of rising demagogues.

Chiling echoes of that period seem now transposed into the advanced age of supercomputers, hyper-speed connectivity and AI algorithms that can control the stem and a flow of intelligence as seen fit by an increasingly centralised system of controllers.

At Full Moon time, we generally sense the stark contrast between our conscious and unconscious self. We see it playing out within, and also see it in our outer world. We notice things, people, habits from the past come fully into conflict with an emerging new consciousness. A fundamental crisis occurs. Our instinctive, habitual nature becomes confronted by a blast of awareness, usually through encounters with those who hold some importance in our lives, or crucial incidents in which we are called to become aware of our more dormant selves, stand to attention and somehow make a decision that could determine the course of our future. Whether we step up to make any necessary changes depends largely on the degree of consciousness of our position and whether that needs to change. With Uranus involved, it isn’t likely that things will stand as they are, no matter how much we have our heart set on holding back the progress.

Watch the dominoes…

Many portentous signs and messages are flooding through now. Whilst we all need some peace, liberty, harmony, balance and equanimity in our lives, this cannot stand the storms and earth tremors Uranus is currently building resources at an exponential rate there, at the start of Taurus. Any ideal state of Libra ‘peace and love’ cannot come without the sudden, unforeseen shock to take appropriate action, to fight and defend our position.

Reality Check: Those who feel they can maintain their peaceful state without occasionally making some unforeseen adjustments, sacrificing something they are physically attached to must know there can be no joy on this planet without an equal weight of pain and loss to balance things on some unknown scale. This is the (second such) warning now, as indicated by the harbingers of the double Libra Moon.

When we look around, we see all kinds of indicators that our tenuous positions here (on earth) are subject to a spell of extreme turbulence. Every conventional, traditional or established ‘place’ of peace seems threatened. Places of government and business, places of prayer (churches, mosques and synagogues), normative marketplaces and forums of social interaction, communication/ media/ commerce and trade, arenas of sport and entertainment etc. all seem threatened (and have been hit) by a random active force that is willfully working to shift our accustomed way of life into a whole different dimension. Something is here to tell us (without polite warnings or much consideration for our feelings) that things must change if we are to preserve our freedom to share and enjoy our ideals with others.

We are confronted with aggressive fire (Aries) every time we speak, challenged at the fundamental core of our peace & freedom-loving hearts. Everywhere is war, and either we become aroused to do something about it or we shirk and squirm into complacency.

We can see by the heavier transits (Saturn/Pluto at the South Node) that the wall-building, structure and status-obsessed elements in Capricorn that there are greater, invisible or unfathomable forces pulling to keep things into patriarchal, top heavy control. Whilst this goes against the nature of many, it seems that these forces are insurmountable. They have amassed so much power at the top of their heap; built such elaborate infrastructures for comprehensive control; such high barriers to mask and fortify their covert operations, that they seem unstoppable by any means. Certainly, “they” will not allow any individual efforts to even attempt to question their totalitarian systems of control. They – these are the ‘benevolent fathers of our state’ – have the power to limit, curtail, censor, redact, even completely eliminate any threat to achieving their own agenda. They can silence any critic, imprison any detractor, stall any referendum, reverse any policy and sign any executive order to ensure that their own patriarchal, “father knows best” approach always rises above that of their pliant and compliant subjects.

This is not just a “prediction” from this astrologer – even though Saturn and Pluto have not (and will not) come into exact conjunction until January 2020. All this is actually happening, and has been building up around the big hills and summits of every land for many, many months now. All this is happening right now under our very noses. Of course, those who dare not question or are too snugged-up inside their personal comfort zones may choose to ignore or dare not challenge the emboldened forces who write the rules of the ‘status quo’. We may deny our higher conscience, deny our call to take action, deny even our own systemic faith and inner moral compass. But we cannot deny that those in power today are pretty much running things without checking in with anyone.

Whilst the month of March and early April brought in some dreamy waves of Neptunian magic and mysticism, it has also surreptitiously allowed our minds to slip away, escape the many tiresome pressures and responsibilities; served to alleviate the abrasive and ghastly unpleasant unrealities of the ‘real world’. By the end of the month, the Sun (authority) and Mars (action) will become entirely engrossed by the soul-dissociating effects of the final Uranus/Neptune semi-square, exact on the 2nd of May.

Here, we risk drifting into a mass-induced state of cognitive dissonance. Our illusions and deceptions are not contingent on who we are or what we do. Our lying is not our fault. Our little self-deceptions and evasivenesses are a conscious choice and thus, our own problem to sort out. When we make the choice to shut out and dissociate from our responsibility to act upon those things we truly care about, then we will also (without doubt) choose to willfully ignore all other matters we feel do not concern us. When we willingly fail to respond to the impetus to see things as they are, take decisive action when we consciously experience just how fragile our position of personal power is made, then nothing can change for the better. Eventually we will be held responsible and accountable for our own dissonance, but this may not occur until we willfully forfeit all our freedoms and liberties as a collective humanity.

This is the warning here. The lies we continue to tell ourselves to keep from seeing the truth about our beloved world may not feel like lies to us at this point. They may feel comfortable, familiar, and true, especially when we repeat them like mantras, cling to them like security blankets, hoping to calm ourselves and regain our false sense that the world works the way we believe it ought to.

All self-deceptions manifest to somehow undermine our position, like the false friends we look to for comfort and protection. Whilst for a short time they may make us feel better, they can only keep the truth at bay for so long. Nor can our little euphemisms and dissociations eradicate the big, conspiratorial lies that are instilled and enforced upon us by the institutions that govern over our consciousness. As we shall see in the coming months, the longer we try to pretend they can, the more the auspices of guilt and self-reproach take over, leaving us exposed to suffering and hurt in some way. Saturn will hover over the South Node until the end of September…

We are in this together, and as humanity has done so in the past, the unconscious ones march deafly into a state of utter mass-hypnosis, falsely feeling assured that ‘everything will be alright’ if they just go along with the beat of society’s drum and don’t try and rock the boat. To think that things will magically balance themselves out if we just cocoon ourselves from the gradually increasing tightness in infrastructure and administration is the greatest folly. There are mechanisms and measures taken now that will guarantee that all independent, free speech and action becomes centralised and moderated by a singular, invisible, undeterminable and interminable force.

Do we see how the road of complacency and indifference allows this to happen? Do we see how our unconscious tendency to just let things be – so long as we are personally not disturbed or affected – only fans the flames of what will tomorrow be the raging fire that threatens to eliminate the few things we have left that are of any value in this world? Or do we knowingly accept that this must be our collective fate, that we abandon any involvement and leave it to dark karmic forces to determine the destiny of humankind and all the things we hold precious and sacred on this plane?

The 3D world is collapsing all around us. We are watching our prized relics and ruins of our past archaic structures and institutions clutching desperately to keep themselves together, knowing deep in our hearts that for those things to endure they must cede to a new system, one that surrenders their stronghold of abundance from those who have much to provide better for those who have little. Enough with the walls and towers, designed only to separate, divide, imprison and enslave the many while elevating and glorifying the few. Time to start seeing things through different eyes.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
        ~ Nikola Tesla

Many Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon. ~ Ang

Aries New Moon: Issued April 3, 2019

Greetings fellow travellers,

Yes, April 2019 is here, and along with a month of confusion and utter disbelief carried over from the Neptunianisms of March, the screws begin to tighten on the signature transit which will somehow come to transform the entire of humanity over the coming 12 months. Yes, we are starting to sense the sheer pressure of Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto in the ambitious, status-obsessed Capricorn. This is very much a make-or-break period, and my hope is that my years of preparing readers for this phenomenal time has somewhat aided in welcoming this period as one that will transform our souls and help us to rise out of the attachment of our toxic past.

Among many epithets, I call the Saturn/Pluto effect “The Bonecrusher” due to its ability to grind the ego down to a fine powder, gradually pressing us to face our shadow and purge ourselves from the mortal sin and impurity of temptation with fame, money and material security. As indicated by this ominous planetary conjunction, there is applied force upon all our 3D physical-constraints and worldly attachments, to the point where there is nothing left to hang on but an emerging connection to a new spiritual reality.

This is a slow, arduous process which has already begun, to be felt most strongly over the next 5-6 weeks, as Saturn slowly halts within 2°37′ to Pluto (May 6), commencing the great alchemical miracle that will disintegrate our grip on materialistic order and control, forcing us to let go of the prevailing social structure that keeps us in line and rebirthing a whole new world order. 

Naturally, the proponents and oligarchs of the old 3D world, seen in Capricorn as “the patriarchy”, are seriously positioning themselves to keep things and people into line. We can see how civil rights and freedoms are being slowly whittled away, curtailed or removed altogether. Crucial information is kept tightly under control, redacted or censored from official records, political agitators and demonstrators are being silenced or ‘removed’ from public platform, mainstream media kept tightly regulated, and the rollout of the insidiously pervasive 5G network laying down the framework for a more intrusive structure that will have access into every aspect of our private lives. 

This was all launched in a month where Mercury was hovering back and forth over the haze of smokescreen filters of Neptune (and Uranus), feeding us misinformation, red flags and bizarre news that just did not make any logical sense. 

As PLUTO lines up along the Capricorn SOUTH NODE, even the more awakened, spiritually attuned individual finds it hard to act responsibly. Yet, with Mars now in Gemini, there has never been a greater urgency for those who are aware of what is going on to step up and speak up. 

As Jupiter also slows to turn retrograde (Apr 10), it promotes a focus on self-reliant inner wisdom and resourcefulness. An ability to tap into unique inherent skills in order to navigate through and overcome tremendous social pressures or hardships imposed under this transit. While it may feel as though you are alone with your intuitive knowledge; that all your efforts seem futile against the invisible Goliath who try to take control over the ways of your world, you are advised to remain clear and focused in your meditative centre.

The Capricorn South Node now regresses to form a potent midpoint conjunction to Saturn/Pluto by the middle of this month (April 15). Ebertin makes no bones about this, calling it “the misery of the masses, a common suffering shared with many people together”. Though this may sound highly fatalistic, one might imagine that even those at the Polyanna-end of their spiritual quest are now stopped in their ‘kumbaya’ tracks and accepting that the ominous march of global control is ever so real.

Something big is about to go down, and with the T-square forming from outer, outer Eris, who governs over the earth’s core, even a monumental seismic shift in the earth’s magnetic poles is not out of the question. We are long due to see any improbable, yet according to the science, some highly plausible event – something that is set to bring some Eris-style ’strife and discord’ to the happenings here on earth and its mundane goings on.

Meanwhile, a NEW MOON looms for us at 15°ARIES (April 5), inspiring each of us to charge headfirst into a brave new beginning.

This is lunation activates a strong, single-pointed reset into the core of every individual, urging us to take a distinctly new direction down a path never before travelled. The New Moon’s applying square to Saturn poses some serious restrictions and difficulties, doubts, guilts and insecurities about going against the status quo. (See below for your full reading and intention to this event).

This is ‘mind over insufferable matter’ is something both body and soul (instinct and intuition) are calling us to do. The mid-Aries New Moon is a midpoint to two consecutive Full Moons in Libra – the first at the Vernal Equinox/00°ARIES/LIBRA (March 21) and the next at 29°ARIES/LIBRA (April 19) – each forming bookends to this lunation at the critical degrees. They reinforce a message that something has to end in order for us to restore peace and harmony back into our lives we must rise up and go to war against the auspices of fear and limitation (Saturn).

By the end of the month, both Saturn and Pluto will have stationed to turn retrograde. By then, Saturn will stay conjunct or near the South Node repeatedly until September. This hardens and cracks to pieces many close bonds and associations, and as each month the Capricorn Moon swipes past this point it performs a series of occultations. Progressively the old society falls apart. Why? Because we find it hard to carry on the tired old way, and though many might feel constricted and constrained, it is only our old conceptions of reality that are falling away. Structures are, after all, man-made, and they must all ultimately give way to the test of time. What we are witnessing here is a world which stands divided and in turmoil with itself slowly falling to pieces, and we must slowly come to accept that this is a necessary part of nature’s rhythms. Things that no longer work for us have to collapse if we are to make way for a reconceptualisation of a brand new tomorrow. 

If you are clear on this as an aware, responsible individual, now is the perfect time to set your intention on which direction you feel most strongly called to embark, then proceed steadily, fearlessly and with some degree of caution.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

Equinox Supermoon in Libra: Issued March 19, 2019

Greetings fellow travellers,

We are approaching Equinox, and as we see, the global effects of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at the Capricorn S.Node are starting to take real effect across the planet. Pervasive attitudes of self-righteousness, particularly of governments and corporations, where the actions of others are more often condemned than condoned, are pressuring many to keep to themselves rather than to act responsibly and demonstrate courage and leadership. 

Instead of stepping up to affect changes sorely needed in the world, people instead just shrink into their private dominions, secretly casting judgements upon others according to the sociopolitically-devised boxed-in systems of the 3D world. 

We said that this moment would come. That the world would one day diverge into two distinct levels of consciousness, where those stuck in the highly opinionated mindset of the conditional world would take such strong resistance to ever taking advice that might personally benefit them that it would create a toxic, malignant decay of society and nature.

Those who still believe that their personal life is strictly their own business; who choose, brick by brick to build great walls around themselves and anything which relates directly to them are making it impossible for anyone to try to break in and warn of the dire consequences at hand. Some are already seen to only add more bricks to their walls, even at the slightest provocation or personal criticism. The world of absolute materialism has created a monster, a cold opportunist who positions himself wherever there is a profit to be made, and cares little about what he destroys and the lives he affects.

The grievous events recently in Christchurch, New Zealand are a typical example of the dementia that is fomenting among humans. We see up close the rising extremism that is acted out and proliferated across the world on our ubiquitous media devices, where millions are fed a live stream of the darkest aspects of the repressed human mind, so sick with hatred and so filled with rage that he must broadcast his disease to infect the entire collective. This is bound to make massive ripples of limitation and control upon the free expression of every individual.

Pluto’s exact conjunction to the S.Node is now less than two weeks away. We shudder to think that the cold and calculating manner employed by those who are in power so that nobody can challenge their weakness is going to be used to their own advantage. They will exploit every resource, every instrument and loophole in the current laws, finding ways to screw over everything that challenges them in order to build their walls higher and isolate their business from all those who dare to question and criticise them.

This is the reality.

The crusade comes only when individuals can rise and teach those stuck behind their walls how to somehow give back the nourishment as easily as they forcibly extract it from us. It is not until the monsters of the 3D world experience some serious personal or family burdens of their own that they may ever come to know the emotional needs of others. We can only hope that through personal suffering of their own, their rigid attitudes may fall away, brick by brick.

The Sun/Chiron conjunction at the Aries Point, meeting the Full Moon promises new healing light in helping hardened individuals to relate their emotions more honestly.

It may take time, but until those in maniacal control learn how to see the error of their corrupt ways, things will continue to deteriorate. It is not until they can sense some contrition, apologise sincerely for their indiscretions and cease to exploit the kindness and generosity of others for their own selfish gain that all of this depression, fear and worry can finally fall away. 

Meanwhile, in the 4th dimensional field of consciousness – the world of present tense – the revolutionaries and leaders of this world are already able to tap in and channel light-energy into real solutions. They are stepping up to present real choices as alternative to the ultimate collapse of the boxed-in world of barriers and walls. This is the world where you are invited to dance along with the cosmic symphony of now. The world needs leaders who are able to assert themselves in ways which are profound, inventive and brave.

Thank you to all who joined us for the final Cosmic Bus live lunation report from Australia [click here for link]. I have again prepared 12 special messages for each of your signs (links below). I welcome you to sign into your tribe account and read the full message – a guide on what to expect from this powerful initiation into a brave new age of healing and repair. Blessings, and I look forward to seeing you next from India xx

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