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Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

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It seems that sometimes, some experiences, of some people seem entirely out of this world. Yes, they are really happening for someone – in someone else’s world, but are they real for us, in our world?

How much can your imagination fathom?

Like, when you hear people talking about past lives. “In a previous life I was Cleopatra”... which would then be followed by a most interesting, intricately woven, quite feasible story, with plots of intrigue, mystery and romance from a person you may personally know very well, but they’re talking to you like they are enchanted, infatuated with some alternative notion of themselves. And chances are, if what they are sharing with you is simply a gratuitous attempt to glamourise their Ego – if the story has no symbolic correlation to any theme of how you are experiencing this person in this very lifetime, then this story is most unlikely to capture your imagination, even allow you to capture any of the complexities of what they were trying to relate. In fact, it may confound and confuse you, to the point where you fail to connect (even wish to avoid) with this person.

This is the danger of Neptune in Retrograde: We simply struggle to get our highly abstract ideas across to others because their nature is so acutely personalised and slightly removed from our current reality that our vision becomes difficult to, grasp, even by ourselves.

Neptune seeks to take us to a higher dimension. Its energy activates the faculties of imagination, fantasy, intuition and sensitivity towards others and access to quantum realities and alternative realms.

That fantastic novel, or movie, or tune that manages to lift your spirit out from its usual mundane drudgery, its dull rancour or lifeless boredom and take you away to another dimension appeals to your Neptunian side. Through the sheer force of your own imagination, those breathtaking moments of true inspiration are Neptune at work. It is the ability not just to sense, but to be vividly moved into an exalted state, one that is often incredibly difficult to articulate into your own, ordinary, every-day terms. But are those visions capable of capturing the imagination of others, or are you indulging into a personal trip into some schmaltzy sentimentalia?

Ghosts, spirits, aliens, quasars, UFO’s, conspiracy theories and all sorts of wonderful alternative realities are such phenomena that you may hear about often, but there is often scant evidence to substantiate or credibly qualify these into our mainstream acceptance. It is because those who experience these are at a loss to explain them in tangible terms. Only the ultra-sensitive, refined and mystical few who are attuned to these subtle influences and have direct access to their alternative realms, and somehow find ways to introduce these to us in ways which we find appealing and acceptable.

The mystic, the inspired movie director or artist, the guru, the poet, the miracle healer, the visionary dreamer, the psychic medium, the Christ and martyr of his cause are some of the personified forms that Neptune presents itself. Yet it is often in their life’s work, one that requires an enormous amount of sacrifice of worldly gains, and often through great personal struggles that we see their benevolent effect. Society will often be at the ready to isolate and discredit those operating in the questionable functions of Neptunian energy by labelling them as crooks and shysters, liars and bandits, mentally infirm, or as persons of doubtful or dubious character. There is a very fine line between the mystic and the swindler and this is marked mainly by the degree to which the individual seeks to use these wonderful energies to gratify their own ego.

Our ability to relate our connection to the divine source to others with a sense of egoless-ness and humility is what determines how well others will accept our inspiration. Being truly egoless requires us to thoroughly omit imposing our own presence and heightened self importance when expressing higher dimensional energies like compassion, and universal truths. The effectiveness of our ability to inspire others when relaying our Neptunian message rests upon our ability to avoid arousing any suspicion of deceptiveness or delusion on our part. We must be convincing that our deeds are wholesome, and not tainted by some personal predilection.

And so this also tests our ability to be honest with ourselves, because with Neptune the propensity to become entangled, even confused between acting upon our inspired visions and the gratifying our ego must always be held in check. Often we are so overwhelmed that we are unclear of our true motives. We want to surrender to the infinite seas of the collective oneness, draw our inspiration, but the temptation is always there to misuse the glamour and intrigue to create the enticing self-image of an enchanting ‘magician’ or ‘ideal being’ to others.

Neptune may enter our lives to wash over us like relentless succession of calm, soothing waves, subtly taking us to that higher place where we can personally experience the infinity of life in all its quantum splendour and delight. It becomes a gradual elevation or disintegration into other dimensions beyond our limited physical confinement to a linear time/space. Is is the ultimate acceptance and belief in the Great Oneness. It may present itself as an inspiring mystical experience, an encounter with another individual whose influence raises our awareness to a myriad of possibilities and who provides a direct channel into the collective source of inspiration.

Neptune may also enter our lives through an illness, or through agents like alcohol or drugs, through a “supernatural” experience such as a profound dream or a “divine visitation”, or through a devotion into art or music, or a religious, or spiritual, or “magical” confluence into the great divine. Or it could enter our lives as a mistake, that may or may not work in our favour.

However we wish to play it, we need to ride it out and understand that the end result will be to dissolve and spiritualise our ego.

With Neptune turning retrograde at 18°43′ (June 21), the tendency to take this energy in a completely subjective way means that we feel it far more sensitively than when it is direct. Our intuition and receptivity to the subtle nuances of higher realms becomes ever more acute and refined.

When Neptune turns direct again (November 27) we may begin to sense the ability to feel (receive and transfer) this energy in a less subjective manner. Therefore we have a better sense of discernment of what is real and what is simply unbelievable. Its direct motion can help us realise where in fact we might have “lost ourselves” (or others) in translation. It will therefore become time to come to grips that there have been instances where we may have undermined ourselves or the situation (others). Whether it was through our excited impressionability, confusion, vague understanding, idealised notions or outright deceptiveness through lies, mischief or fraud – we now have a chance to clear up the mess and come clean.

Neptune’s effect seems negated or diffused when it sounds like it is attached to something personal, like a fantastic story that “happened to you”. It is only when we are mindful to convey our visions in terms that are more symbolic or poetic (say through music, art, literature, mysticism, dance, even sport). Anything that allows a connection of our vision to others through its appeal to the collective rhythm and eternal enchantment).Yet, unless we are truly capable of relating our innermost visions to others without the temptation to indulge these to ego attachment, we face not only the danger of feeling misunderstood but severely in for a rude awakening. Although we may sense an infinite connection to the voice of the universe, it may seem that the intensity of how personally we are affected by this energy causes difficulties when trying to relate our wonderful, yet at times, incongruent ideas across to others.

Neptune StationaryNeptune’s ultimate aim is to dissolve our ego, thereby creating a more immediate access to spirit. In retrograde mode, the planet’s energy subjects us to feelings of disengagement, misunderstanding and victimisation, from one another. In the most personalised sense, we may enter the domain of the spirit realms quite easily.

Solitude and silent meditation are perhaps the most prefered setting for this period.

Yet the moment we try to relate our inner landscape to the outside world we may find our visions only creating a confused or messy situation, particularly if we are trying to use linear terms. Understand, that the kind of attention that we will draw from others for this type of expression is very prone to serving us poorly by wearing down, or undermining our connections. Our higher self may feel struggle to connect to the empathy or sympathy around us, whether personally or socially. Ultimately, if we cannot connect to others on the highest level of their capacity to show true compassion, forgiveness and inspiration, we threaten to damage the free-flowing interconnectedness between each other.

Just remember, we are all going through this together. Only expect from others what you are prepared to encompass in yourself. This period may be a little challenging. It is best to practice on refining your own spirit by honouring the virtue of your own sensitivities, processing these internally, allowing yourself to melt into a divine sense of ego dissolution through silent wonderment, spiritual self-nurturance and a meditative stillness.

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  1. It’s the first time I feel heard … Understood… Seen … And real … Thank you … You just changed my life.

  2. Thank you, Ang. You are a breath of fresh air.

  3. Is there a way to know if Neptune is direct or retrograde in our chart? I think it´s my regent planet so i´d really like to know..

  4. Yes, if you do your chart on say astro.com, find Neptune and if it is retrograde, there will be a ‘r’ beside it.

  5. Shhhhhhh! Thank you Ang

  6. This is so profoundly true. Thank you. Totally feeling it. Alone is a quiet refuge.

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