Scorpio/Scorpio Rising – Special Message and Intention for Aquarius New Moon (Feb 04 2019)

Your domestic life will benefit tremendously if you choose to find some new way to demonstrate greater fairness and equality for all, as well as celebrate the uniqueness of each and every family member. Relations where there is dominance, control and inequity over the rights of others can stifle teamwork and leave bitter feelings of exclusion or alienation. Work to create a home atmosphere that encourages every contribution and promotes critical thinking rather than facile judgements.

You can build a lot more confidence and self-security in whatever you do by learning to foster a team or group environment wherever you go. Since you feel most comfortable with a distinct amount of chaos and weirdness, you may want things to be a little more unpredictable or spontaneous for you. Hence, this New Moon may be the perfect time to introduce exciting new changes – ones that allow you to celebrate your weirdness and the unique diversity of your early roots with those closest to you.

There may be a deep, emotional yearning in you to find spiritual love, or to get lost into a deep romantic relationship, one which allows you to navigate through past hurts and hopefully find healing. If you find your emotional security is based on having spiritual and profound relationships with others, be sure that you explore a more humanitarian or altruistic cause through these in order to focus on the higher aspects of what will serves to heal your aching heart.


I now pledge to explore and discern which elements of my early conditioning cause me to dissociate or feel cut off under pressure, forcing me to aggressively avoid dealing with conflicts and often causing me so feel shut out and isolated.

I must work harder to find a cooler, more detached way to handle emotional problems which often sabotage my growth and maturity.

I can cease feeling sorry for myself and stop wasting precious time and resources by focusing on developing skills and tools which will allow me to pursue my most cherished inner hopes and aspirations.

I will focus my attention on managing my home, real estate matters, or domestic affairs so that I am reaping the most nurturance by appropriately cultivating these areas. I must remember to take time to occasionally indulge myself in personal pleasures, if only just to find relief from my often arduous daily routines.

I will work to strengthen my self-confidence to levels where I am most capable of extending my presence more broadly amongst my social world. As I create opportunities to circulate more freely and widely among my tribe, I seek to find someone with whom I can share all the rewards of my wonderful personal accomplishments – someone special who truly appreciates my efforts and supports me in all these.

I wish to find someone whom I cherish enough to share my entire inner world.

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