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BOARDING the Cosmic Bus (How to Register – for subscribers)

Did you know that you are upset?
Yes you are. At least on some level. On some level you are profoundly disturbed, unhappy and distressed with this experience.
Ok, you may not be conscious of of this; you may look around and see that you are reasonably comfortable, perhaps better off than you were yesterday and than most of the others, that your own life seems fairly orderly and organised, and the ‘truth’ you keep repeating to yourself is that you are reasonably ‘happy’.
But look… deep in your unconscious lies a deeper more unsettling truth. One that just knows that you have been lied to, not once but repeatedly. The world you live in – your family, schools, communities and governments promote and proliferate a rich pastiche of lies, fabrications, misinformed opinions, and convenient cover-ups to what is patently obvious to your instinctive self. This is to help you ‘keep the faith’. Faith in a system full of holes and gaps. A system more full of questions than answers. And despite all the information, it is designed to keep you stuck in the unknown.
So of course you’re upset. Not so much because you have been lied to every day, since birth, but that your conscious mind just struggles to believe anything that instinctive body is trying to postulate as truth (and visa versa).
How then, are you supposed to form any honest intentions about what you truly believe under such discordant premises?
Join me tomorrow, here & live as we discuss the ‘Astrology of Now’, leading into this Cancer Full Moon (Dec 22) and the Eclipses in January. – only on the #CosmicBus. If you are not already part of the #CosmicTribe, then I welcome you to join us. It’s where we do the important work, weekly.

NEXT STOP: Thur 13/Fri 14 December

#COSMICBUS ✙ 11am AEDT ✙ 12am GMT ✙ 4pm PDT ✙ 7pm EDT ✙

The “Cosmic Bus” is a live, non-structured weekly webinar, currently hosted on the fb platform. Using a long-form, in-the-moment presentation, I invite members in my “Cosmic Tribe” (monthly premium subscription) to join in the congregation to sit and observe as I discuss current/coming lunation phases (Synodic Moon Cycle), as well as key planetary transits.

In a space which is purely meditational, I welcome you to observe the energies without prejudice or bias, allowing for discernment and discrimination not rooted in your own cultural conditioning, world politics or media influence. It is a safe space from which to observe without need to make immediate judgement.

My objective is to provide a straightforward, non-biased delineation and depth analysis of the constellations, planetary symbols and their respective activity (aspects/midpoints). Offered as an adjunct to my fortnightly ‘special tribe messages’ I wish to offer the ‘tribe’ a greater understanding of how significantly the weekly/monthly Sun/Moon cycles affect our own lives.pective during this quite alchemising process of humanity’s journey.

Everyone is welcome to register  – available free to all full-members of the tribe:
[if you are a member of the Cosmic Tribe please sign into you account to receive instruction on how to board the bus]

or join the Tribe for just USD$11:11 per month and enjoy all the benefits 

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