Horoscopes for Sun in Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

[photography by Gem Fletcher]
The Sun’s ingress and transit through Scorpio sees those of us who are most energised during the next month looking to express ourselves with a degree of deep emotional intensity. The Sun’s inferior conjunction to Venus (Fri Oct 26) only magentises our intent to pursue our deepest longings, our wildest romances and most lustful desires with fervid spirit and extreme vitality.  It’s always do or die with Scorpio, so how does it affect your chart over this next month and what secrets does it unlock for you?
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Aries/Aries Rising

Ok. Quick checklist before you make a full-blown change, sorely needed.

  1. Are you physically attracted to each other? Is there chemistry?
  2. Do you both share your possessions, money and space? Do you indulge one another?
  3. Do you both share your thoughts, interests, and friends? Do you communicate with each other effectively?
  4. Do you both share and express your feelings, secrets, and past? Are you sensitive to each other’s needs?
  5. Are you on the same path? Share the same philosophy, spiritual beliefs, politics and opinions?

If the above elements are not hitting off, this month is going to get severely tense, to the point of a drastic shift. If the items on your checklist check out, then you have indeed managed to engage in a divine partnership – a very empowering relationship, filled with honour and respect and are ready to open up to the wonders that lie before you.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

You are naturally attracted to magnetic, powerful sexual partners who are willing to become consumed by extreme passions and attachment in a committed relationship. This is awesome, but this month be ultra mindful how you tend to project your own qualities of possessiveness and deep jealousy onto the one you love. If you are not aware of the energetic this creates, you’ll invariably invite darker, more mysterious and potent forces into your life. And though you may say that you commonly enjoy an intense encounter, whose extraordinary emotional depth and physical intimacy just moves you to your core, just remember that once entered both of you are playing for keeps. If you are not ready to cast yourself into any such commitment with another – if either one of you do not appreciate getting burned or hurt; if there is any hint of a betrayal in your partnership, then the potential for revenge and enduring bitterness could soon become a harsh reality that you may have to deal with. Tread with caution, and proceed only with a full-scale commitment.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Your ‘magician’ qualities come from your adept skill at handling hidden occult forces and fluidic rhythms that exist on higher realms.

The Scorpio Sun activates this amazing natural ability of yours, allowing you to make good use of psychic arts such as clairvoyance, divination, prophecy, healing, and even astral travel. The Water element of Scorpio governs emotions and our deepest feelings. Its receptive feminine energy is tied to self-healing, sorrow, reflection, intuition, the unconscious, fertility, and regeneration.

If you have been struggling with your health on any level, particularly emotionally, this is a truly regenerative time when, either through your own focused attention or through guided/assisted healing you can tap into the enormous magical powers that lie within. Now, you can get up to all sorts of mischief with these, teach people all sorts of lessons, just for fun, or to practice your amazing craft.

But be mindful, playing with peoples’ lives just to create an effect can have enormous consequences that, in the end, only come to affect you. Particularly you emotional well-being. Use your powerful skills honourably and avoid worries later.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Perhaps it’s interesting to point out that you don’t have hobbies. You have fixations. Something (or someone) comes along that takes your fancy, and rather than get a little excited, you dive headfirst into the extreme throes of trying to devour them to death.

Needless to say, this month’s gonna be interesting because now, more than ever you get see how much your little predilections are very liable to make you realise just how much you tend to get crazy. And crazy needs to be looked at. Often, crazy means we are driven by our compulsion and any complete surrender to to this is really going to shift things into the lower road for you.

A decision needs to be made whether to take the higher road of creative venture and healing or the lower road of vindictiveness and selfish absorption into base and carnal pursuits. Whichever you chose, be sure that that whole spirit (high or low) will be carried over into the way things turns out for you. Creative efforts will produce positive rewards.

Losing yourself deeply and passionately into one-sided personal expressions (love affairs, hobbies, children) may present fierce power struggles for control and uncurbed possessiveness.

Leo/Leo Rising

It is true that the source of your power comes from deep within, and maintaining this power often means keeping a tight lid on all your personal matters (lest anyone discover any of your humble weaknesses). Yet, the realisation now is that the more you try to keep your secrets under cover, the more they conspire to silently eat away at you and, at times like this, just simply tear your insides out.

It seems like all your efforts to conceal your closest guarded secrets are sometimes as futile as your late efforts to feel secure in general. There is a process going on, a slow and thorough scrutiny about the “real” you – it is as if the walls have been closing in upon your vulnerabilities and in a sense you have been pressed to come clean and confess your deepest problem – the deep desire to keep absolute control over your environment.

Well you may say that it’s your kingdom, your domain to rule over as you please… a lot depends on you being able to reign over it and reign it in when it needs to be hemmed, and mostly – especially now – it feels as if it has the power to destroy you too, when you turn your back on it.

But be not afraid. It’s all a call to open up your heart and embrace love as the only true way of transformation. You don’t always have to prove you’re the most supreme. In fact we know at times it can all be a massive act to cover up your insecurities and your inadequacies. So let it be. Let your sensitivities show, and show how beautiful you are deep inside, with all your flaws and foibles. Your vulnerability is so endearing that it is the loose thread that if pulled far enough could unravel your whole drama, and let things loosen for a bit of much needed closure on some old issue.

The one thing holding you back from complete success.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

A spark to your intellect is ignited by the Sun’s transit through Scorpio. The critical moments come early when the Sun conjunct Jupiter, expanding your very impetus for discussion and argument that spurs excitement not only in expressing your deep psychoanalytical beliefs, but perhaps with added righteousness to shove these beliefs down the throat of others with an almighty sense of conviction.


Sometimes persistence gets you everything, and in your case it’s more like insistence. However, if anyone has learned to integrate the powerfully transformative language of love into your common lexicon it has been you, and once you have overcome the tendency to bitch and moan and realise that you catch more flies with honey than with turpentine. You then may well be in, no matter how impossible the odds.

Libra/Libra Rising

The world has entrusted you with the sole responsibility to restore balance and some sense of order into our lives. In these past weeks it has been so obvious that without some proper mediation things may have been much worse as those around you, particularly those most significant along your own journey, have exhibited displays of bewildering hostility and surprising obstinacy to resist any attempts to co-operate.

You have had to draw much strength and courage from your own reserve of resources, a wellspring of great depth, mainly because of your ability to rally the physical and financial support of others who have come to help you maintain the peace by providing tokens of substantial contribution. It has been critical in not just raising your esteem and your self-worth, but you realise that all the substance adds weight to your quest to bring about a status quo.

Things have been simply unfair for too long, that growing feeling that the rest of us have that something has to give is becoming a surmounting feeling deep inside. But what is it really that has to give?

Well, basically it’s you. You’re holding out, trying to hoard the basic energy that serves as currency of flow, and creating yourself an unhealthy imbalance. Instead of amassing great reserves of power, by hoarding it away, it is now time to give some back. There is no need to fear, you will always have just enough – and the gift of giving not only serves to make some positive changes in the lives of others but you may find in serves to lighten your load.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

This month only accentuates your powerful, magnetic and mysterious personality traits so be mindful of their effect on others. By keeping much to yourself, not wanting to reveal too much of yourself – especially the public, you somehow manage to draw people to you, but also rouse their suspicion – particularly if you’re deliberately trying to hide something.

The force of your intensity and your whole brooding, secretive nature comes under such attention that you manage to polarise others’ reaction towards you in the extreme. This can have both positive and negative outcomes, particularly if you’re trying to build a relationship with others. Beware you do not overcommit yourself – your resources are seriously stretched now, and though it may seem you have angels hovering over your shoulders to take care of any careless political indiscretions or excesses, it is important not to overestimate yourself either.

If you must present yourself as an agent for change, then focus your efforts upon those who are less privileged and powerful than you. Don’t worry, you will still get the credit you deserve for all your efforts. You may experience upsets, particularly with your health or daily routine if you push yourself too far – some innovative adjustments may be necessary there in order for you to find a healthy balance.

In all, this is your month to really work on your image and put yourself out there, much support is available to you for advancing your spiritual development and personal healing if you focus on staying centred and being creative with everything you do.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

In the next few weeks the Scorpio Sun places a lot of emphasis on the things you generally keep locked away in your crypt of secrets – those things you tend to keep hidden not only from others but also, out of neglect or shortsightedness from yourself.

These can creep up at the most inappropriate times. Naturally, when this area of your life becomes highlighted, matters that seem to unexpectedly sprout up can either allow them to undermine or embarrass you, or hopefully you can manage these with some degree of humility and kindness. Fortunately you are highly perceptive, extremely intuitive and your powerful X-ray vision makes you extremely sensitive to energies the underlying motives of others. As the Sun journeys through this house, you may pick up on on any negativity and choose to either challenge that or withdraw into a place of solitude and meditation just to avoid any of the draining energies that my come your way. Your fascination with the spiritual realm, dream world and alternative consciousness as a whole becomes a preoccupation, and you may start to engage your unique ability to psychically protect yourself from the negative energies that others may direct at you in the form of psychic attack.

It is a time to beware, and certainly separate yourself from people who work with pernicious energies and black magic. These often appear to you as masculine charismatic types who may have devious designs, or people who feign that they need your help but are only there to take advantage of you abundant generosity. You may choose to go to war with them, but be careful unless you know how to protect yourself – they usually act in surreptitious ways. Watch out too for jealous or possessive types who prey on your sexuality/physical beauty.

These are often less evolved, insecure or of a negative creatures and it is best to keep a distance. Also, watch for tendencies towards indulging in psychotropics like drugs/alcohol these are sacred ceremonial ‘medicines’ and a re best saved for holy ritual during this month not to become your addiction. You are far more sensitive this month and such indulgences may only serve to confuse and defray your good senses unless used wisely and responsibly.

In short, it is probably best to avoid negativity by journeying deeper into your shadow side and through solitude, prayer, meditation or distant vacation – any activity that helps you retreat and explore the great wealth that lies within your soul.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

The Scorpio Sun lights up the most influential, in-crowd, secret society element of your life – your social network. Here, in the stomping ground and breeding camp for the mysterious sect of people you call ‘friends’, whether you’re a Freemason, Rosicrucian, Knight of Templar or the Illuminati, is your special contact to deliver the thing you desire most.

Your connection to your peers seems like a closed set of very particular types, and it is in this special circle of yours where you face your deepest fears and experience your emotional and spiritual intimacies, choosing to address your innermost issues in group settings rather than on a one-on-one basis.

Any issue which may arise for you is best dealt within a group dynamic, where you can keep things more generalised than personal…which is exactly how you prefer it. This helps deflect attention away from your individual self and your own inner workings. In this environment someone whose opinion you respect, possibly for their shrewd, detective prowess will come forward and help you through some crisis, some relationship problem, money or resources, flex some influence or muscle where it’s necessary… in short help you out. It could be a time of crisis or tense dilemmas that call for changes.

The key to it all lies in looking out for that special friend who one way or another will help you to instigate the change you sorely need to make with yourself.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

As an Aquarian, your natural tendency is to want freedom. So you resist being controlled, especially by the dark powers that be.

But these forces are often invisible to you and often you struggle to resist something that you cannot exactly see. Unless… unless, of course, the light shines directly upon it. This month, the Sun shines so brightly upon that darkened area that seeks to dominate you.

You really see who the personality is that is governing over you, pushing instructions on you, either on certain, unyielding terms or more subversively through subliminal propaganda, mind control or subtle, yet repetitive advertising. This kind-of gets on your bones. In a way, it is what riles you to be the enthusiastically outspoken rebel that you are most famous for. So how do you take on such manipulation?

This month, you conflict with those forces that seem in control of you by taking on counter-control measures of your own. You may feel seriously pressed to change something about yourself. Or perhaps you become the spokesperson who wages the resistance for others in a cause that you represent.

In any sense, great changes are in order for you and only through bringing out the best in yourself will you stand to either resist them successfully or make the necessary changes for the better.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

You can seriously avoid any dramas right now by staying utmost truthful about your feelings.

Of course, it’s always interesting to stay mysterious, create little veils of secrecy and mystique about you. Keeps it all very intense, magical and exciting, right? Except… how much of it is true and how much is just special effects that you put on in order to create some hocus pocus effect?

The world – especially through you – is starting to become a little fatigued by the lies, secrets and little magic tricks, and is developing extraordinarily sophisticated methods of intuiting what is true and what is simply fantasy, shrouded in secrecy, fenced off by denial.

It’s not for you to perpetuate this now. You stand to benefit nothing by playing games with anything that is not totally true and authentic to your inner guidance. Don’t kid yourself. And, as you will observe, you cannot deceive others any more either. Use the amazing power afforded to you now to step onto a new frequency of expression, a wider (more authentically real) channelling of the Sun’s transformative powers. And let all the delusion dissolve away.

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