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BOARDING the Cosmic Bus (How to Register)

Venus retrogrades to a conjunction with the Sun at 03°06′ on October 26. Here’s our big chance to take one last look back at the mess of past affairs, a big prompt to consider leaving behind our toxic baggage – difficult people, situations, and memories of what have been deeply hurtful in the past.
Aided by a very rare Moon/Uranus Full Moon (Oct 24), the intersection of the Lunar Nodes releases a myriad of trapped soul-evolving contacts and brings us into the now with a snap. Suddenly we feel free to go both inward and forward, even if right now it seems like we’re still stuck on a notion of who we were and what might have been.
Time to start exploring the greatest possible version of who we are. I’ll be here tomorrow to discuss this pivotal lunation, the month ahead and tips on how to let go of inner and outer conflicts and get a broader view of the situation… right here on the CosmicBus…..

I invite you to join us in our stellar light-vehicle – the “Cosmic Bus” – a regular series of video episodes, connecting with us via LIVE-STREAMING WEBCAST. These are hosted directly via Ang Stoic’s personal facebook account.

The benefit of this is to engage with the whole tribe in a more immediate, intimate manner, open deeper astrological discourse on the current lunation cycle (Sun & Moon), discuss key planetary aspects, how they affect us personally and globally, as provide tips and tools on how to maintain a healthy, balanced perspective and composure in our lives.

Everyone is welcome to register – a simple, once-only procedure, available at no extra cost to all full-members of the tribe:
[if you are a member, sign into your Cosmic Tribe account to receive instruction on how to board the CosmicBus, free with your premium membership]

or click here to join our Tribe for just USD$11:11 per month – you will receive instructions in the mail on how to board the bus with us

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