SATURN STATIONS to go DIRECT at 02°♑33′ – Thursday, Sep 06 2018

[art: Darius]
[art: Darius]
Whilst Saturn’s journey inward began on April 18, he actually entered his retrograde shadow on January 10, around the time he was to enter a prolonged semi-square to Jupiter (Jan-Mar). This semi-square is again exact now, for the third and final time (Sep 03) – a test of everything we know and trust.

His station also coincides with a parting square to Chironwhich assails the status quo upon the ‘rebel-rousers’ of the outer fringe – those who have become the quiet activists for bringing in alternatives means of seeing and healing the long-standing issues plaguing society and our individual spirits here, upon the physical universe. By learning to address our own wounds, we have struggled to find ways that have at least allowed us to work with a more ‘energy-based’ less ‘matter-based’ approach.

The jury has been out on this for some time, and the verdict is about to be handed down now, as Saturn passes back over his retro shadow (Sep 06-Dec 14).

Saturn’s constrictive rulership over our experienced 3D reality mandates that all our thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and worldviews be strictly based only on lifetimes of concrete experience, scientific study, and rational, objective analysis – not on premises, hypotheses, dreams, delusions and speculation.

However, when the old devil spun backwards into retrograde, his whole auditing process of ‘reality-formation’ became favoured in terms of a highly subjective selection process: The fact-gathering cogs of his machinery attempted to define the moral responsibility (Saturn Rx in Capricorn) using premises that may have been heavily swayed by opinions and judgments, or skewed by personal biases. This leads us to form an understanding of an arbitrary reality, one based more upon the tendency to seek out or interpret information that only confirms our preconceptions rather than an absolute. This, ultimately leads to statistical errors and misalignments to the the status quo.

For instance, if we  belong to the fraternity that believes that ‘Robin Hood’ is a baron criminal (not some good samaritan vigilante type) we will only seek out and hear evidence that purports to incriminate, denounce his character and post him as a villain. We will dispute, deny, or ignore any ‘nonsense’ that hails him as a ‘folk hero’, or ‘people’s legend’. We will not stand to listen to any reports or news that he is  nobly ‘stealing from the rich to give to the poor’. We will only seek evidence to build a case that he is nothing other than a petty thief, a heartless coward, an outlaw whose offenses against the system only serve to destroy the established order etc.

Hence, when Saturn goes retro, everybody has their version of reality, based on their confirmatory bias. It creates a basic flaw in our reasoning which ultimately prevents us from considering vital and important information when making decisions. Naturally, there is a good chance here that our reality was built on incomplete premises, shaky foundations, or ‘fake news’.

Whilst selective reasoning is the most effective way to go on living a lie, often, given the level of our understanding and the fact that we already believed in a set of myths and superstitions, it seems like the easiest and most expedient way to proceed. However, what many of us may come to realise once Saturn in Capricorn starts moving directly is that our faith in the physical 3D world may have somewhat been carelessly misplaced.

Did you take too much of a slanted, partisan view on how we choose to see reality? Did you just go with what you were told to believe? Or did you, as an official, a parent or responsible citizen of society know the consequences of incautious behaviour all along, yet could not convince the others to see the error of their ways? As they say, “TIME will tell”…

…and soon.

So what to expect when the ‘arbiter of 3D reality’ ceases to go retrograde, turns and tells us it’s TIME” to move forward with his big scythe of judgment?

Here we see a different kind of fact-gathering. A grim harvest where we sort the wheat from the chaff. A strong case is being built against any individual or group who has over-stretched their wild intentions, gone way too far, got too greedy, arrogant or unwise, forgot their manners, rules and ‘rightful social place’ in the pecking order – basically serving as a timely reminder that the 3D world is really not a place to be messed with – that there are rules and regulations that must be followed, and no shortcuts or misgivings will be allowed to slide without severe restrictions being imposed.

Saturn will try to make a solid case now.

It remains to be seen whether what he define as the ‘absolute reality’ of the situation is merely just another version of another story. We shall see how his judgement affects us and our own perception of what’s ‘real’. No matter how he manages to get the status quo to conspire with him, or join in on forming a consensus opinion, the ultimate reality remains elusive when we continue to pass arbitrary judgments.

Those of you still holding fearfully to laws, agreements & belief systems that do not serve a more compassionate, more forgiving, all-accepting and fully inclusive world will certainly know how it may feel to become beleaguered and besieged by an unknown, ominous and uncomfortably frustrating force that threatens to completely leave you exasperated, hindered and dismayed.

Our sense of truth must either come from exercising some degree of groundedness and discipline to stay mindful of all facts – as uncomfortable or inconvenient to our desired experience as they may be. Either we learn to discern what’s going on using a healthy sense of realism, or we will be met with rude awakening, which could be as early as the end of this month.


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Areas in which you may have been highly selective or biased, where Saturn will apply pressure for you to get real:

Aries/Aries Rising 

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Taurus/Taurus Rising

Own beliefs, outlook on world events and matters of the higher mind. Seriously seeking meaning and purpose in your life……… full message@Taurus/Taurus Rising

Gemini/Gemini Rising 

Joint enterprises and investments, business partnerships, financial commitment with personal partners, life and death can also be a serious concern with the birth or death of a loved one……… full message@Gemini/Gemini Rising

Cancer/Cancer Rising 

Relationship with partner, greater responsibilities within the partnership, priorities in both business and personal partnerships – end of serious relationships or close a business contract, marriages or divorces, finally meeting someone significant……… full message@Cancer/Cancer Rising

Leo/Leo Rising

Health and your daily routine, bad habits replaced by new regime, new diet or exercise routine, relationship with co-workers……… full message@Leo/Leo Rising

Virgo/Virgo Rising 

Your creative areas – children, artistic projects, love affairs and things which are normally fun to do, even  relaxation and recreational activities all require you to apply some degree of responsibility……….read full message@Virgo/Virgo Rising

Libra/Libra Rising 

Foundations of your life, renovating house, family and loved ones, building firmer foundations for the future……… full message@Libra/Libra Rising

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising 

Communications with others, negotiating a serious deal, putting more thought into your getting your ideas across, learning new skills, relationships with siblings may be restricted……… full message@Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising 

Financial restrictions, resources are stretched to the limit, self-esteem issues. A more disciplined approach towards building up personal resources, getting personal money matters in order……… full message@Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Reaping what you have sown, facing responsibilities, overwhelmed by duties, receiving recognition for past efforts. New things bring new responsibilities……… full message@Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising 

Working behind the scenes, clearing the karmic debts, privacy and seclusion rather than limelight. Fear of the unknown and mysticism……… full message@Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Pisces/Pisces Rising 

Group commitments become responsibility or burden, friendships that cement their stay or become annulled. New visions for the future take form……… full message@Pisces/Pisces Rising

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018


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