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[watercolour: Nebuchadnezzar (William Blake)]
For months now, those who have been embracing a new reality – one that sees many elements of an old-established order; a patriarchal-lead status-quo as being on its way out, have already begun their holy crusade to assuage society of its enormous pain felt from shame and inadequacy and relieve it from its ills. These are the ones who know about the pain, particularly of paternal wounding and they seek to find a way to understand it better so as to heal society from its dreadful woes.

Discussing the Saturn/Chiron this week on the Cosmic Bus, join me live.

Much is has being learned since Chiron began squaring Saturn in December 2016. By addressing those crusty, out-dated, horribly unsightly or crudely inappropriate elements in today’s culture we are looking to find the source of this problem. Those strongly defined behaviours and institutionalised structures that show increasingly less importance in today’s fast and tech-savvy world are coming into close scrutiny for our diagnosis. We are coming to see how these are no longer relevant, or their fear-factor is patently expired, and by learning to let go of their importance, shifting our focus upon what is most crucial insofar as showing structure and responsibility in our society, especially in spiritual terms.

These fringe-dwelling occupants of society have gradually become the quiet activists for bringing in……

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