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Jupiter, planet of expansion, both physical, and spiritual goes into retrograde from 9 March 2018 at 23° Scorpio, and turns direct again on July 10, 2018 at 13°♏21′ Scorpio. 

Jupiter in retrograde is beyond the classroom or the textbook. The great god of gods requires us to go into an experiential-style learning – the actual re-living through something vastly wonderful and life-expanding, turning it into a highly personal spiritual journey in order to explore it to its full potential.

By reviewing all our research and study during the retrograde period, we aim for an incorruptible insistence of the truth, so when Jupiter turns direct again (July 16) we have all our principles aligned so convincingly that nothing can sway the meaning of our argument, and hence the conviction of our beliefs.

During this period of internal expansion, a certain idealisation may start to take precedence over practicality. Since our experiences become subjectified during the retrograde period, our working hypotheses on life may become more important than life’s mundane everyday experiences.

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As Jupiter retrogrades through Scorpio, we see a lot more projection of ‘truth’ going on. People start to point and shoot poison tipped ‘truth-bombs’ about what they wholeheartedly (swear-to-god-like) believe to be their honest truth onto others.

Since it’s most likely just subjectified hypotheses at this stage, there’s an awful danger that those going around preaching sermons from their very own, home-made gospel; absolutely convinced about they believe to be ‘truth’, may turn out to be simply living on a prayer (or a death wish).

Rx Jupiter Scorpio can be ruthless. This is because he takes the ‘pursuit of truth’ all so personally. His righteous indignation is so subjectified that he can hardly see how he comes off when he ‘goes off’. He can press a point so intensely, with such emotional ferocity and utter force of conviction that we could, all at once, see the worst and best come out each time his case is being heard.
Whilst he can be a right judicious prick, lash out with such dogmatised vengeance, we feel too for the pain he is reliving when he makes his case be known.
This creates quite a paradox, since whenever we see someone passionately driving the hard line, we are not sure whether to flinch or quiver in sympathy or with discomfort.
Our response becomes just as extreme as their tenet and dogma. We are both, likely to understand and misunderstand their point; both accept and reject their argument; be both in complete awe and to detest them; respect and despise that person for all they represent.
It’s going to take a lot of compassion for us to get through this without sliding into ‘lynch-mob’ justice….

Do you know someone who might fit that description? Someone you have been recently observing, learning from, wanting to understand their passion? Perhaps it’s you – prone to push your wheelbarrow of banked up traumas and indignations across to others in such a fierce and rather dogmatic way?

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Those prone to hold extremely one-sided views or impart with extremist beliefs, who are a bit highly strung, sexually tense, all banked-up with frustration from feeling completely misunderstood, repressed or abused by others could become quite personally fed up with how things are working out in their world. Watch this, it’s an interesting phenomenon. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio in mid-October, there’s been a lot of dirt raised, and the way to get justice has been to go public; hang that filthy laundry out for all to see.

For various reasons, many people are at their wit’s end about the stupidity or blind ignorance, arrogance or abuse of those people who just fail to see their point, or worse, have trespassed their prerogative have been given to exact their revenge. These same people and – as always with Jupiter, there has been a swelling growth in bandwagonettes and copycats – will over these next few months feel an incredible urge to have all the freedom and liberal space they need. 

Some things fo ‘Me’ to do while Jupiter is in Retrograde:

  • Take some time OUT; drop out; tune out; time out; sit this one out; just chill out.
  • REflect on my position, re-consider, re-visit, re-trospect, re-design, re-view and re-claim my agenda.
  • Restore mySelf, restore the past, restore those past mistakes, those failures caused by arrogance, sloppiness, laziness and neglect – make them good again. Retrieve my spirit.
  • Give back. Re-turn some of that generosity that came my way, those lucky gains, the spoils of my successes – give some of that back in a charitable and humble fashion, knowing that fortune is not mine to keep – it passes through me and the more I recirculate my blessings the more they shall re-turn.
  • Pray, meditate and pay homage to the Divine Intent, whose Providence sees that i am somehow found, even after the most depleting losses.
  • Regain some perspective and perceptiveness.
  • Make somebody else’s day.
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  1. Love the things to do during the retrograde.

  2. Again, thank you for your private readings. This heads up months ago, prepared me for this now. You truly are a blessing!

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