HOROSCOPES for FULL MOON at 10°45′ LIBRA – Saturday, March 31

The Aries Sun (masculine principle) does this with all conviction, his sense of urgency and an absolute disregard for any upset or consequence is somewhat bewildering. Ultimately he will move alone, even if he has been irrepressibly ‘persuasive’ in his jolt to get us moving. In fact, Aries prefers to go down the lone trail, for he knows nobody else can keep up with his formidable pace and the violent force of conviction towards his single pointed objective.

Aries/Aries Rising
Taurus/Taurus Rising
Gemini/Gemini Rising
Cancer/Cancer Rising
Leo/Leo Rising
Virgo/Virgo Rising
Libra/Libra Rising
Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
Pisces/Pisces Rising

If the Aries Sun wants to boldly forge a new path, and happy to go it alone, the Libra Moon needs to feel loved, respected and considered before anything goes, and does not really appreciate being left out of any initiative. Mostly because Libra dislikes doing anything alone.

Does our inner instinct for ease, comfort and complacency have what it takes to keep our strongly impulsive and self-centred expression at bay and accountable or is she simply complicit in creating a monster.

Softs aspects to this epic lunation from the Moon’s NODAL AXIS imply that the otherwise very personal effects of this culminating moment actually intertwine all our fates into the collective evolutionary process.
We are all somehow karmically interlinked in this as the great mother seeks to restore balance and justice against the petulant forces of our nature.
A malefic Mars/Saturn conjunction at cross purposes to this Full Moon axis steps in and passes harsh judgement to any inter-relational imbalances. Society’s strong-arm is ready to mete out severe reprimands to those who ‘fail’ to meet up with standard.
Any measures dished out now have the potential to not only cause bitter dissent and separation, but in the coming weeks swell into acrimonious immature feelings. Of course, if you harbour grudges, these will develop into seriously disruptive (perhaps violent) complications, impacting more than just those immediately affected…
Remember to stay kind to one another through all this, deal responsibly with any obnoxious actions (or actors) and have an amazing Full Moon…..

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