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Scorpio/Scorpio Rising – FULL MOON in Libra Horoscope

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In some ways you are far more receptive to psychic or spiritual influences than usual right now. That’s not necessarily a convenient or appropriate way to be, especially when there’s so much pressure on you to be clear and grounded so you can deal with everyday responsibilities. One way that you can overcome some of the uncertainty and apprehension is by being a bit more cautious or discerning about the level of interaction between the people you associate yourself with. Judging yourself based on the standards of others is a really poor measure and a complete waste of your precious time.

It’s true though – sometimes we want to be accepted and validated about our own worth so much that we don’t even realise how desperately dependent we’ve become for the approval of others. Even if others do make an effort to validate your sense of power, what does that even prove? Do you actually credit others of being a better judge of your creative potential than you know yourself to be?

You can improve your life considerably if you just learn to take strength and power from your deepest sense of self. Truly tap into your hidden sources of inspiration (those dreams and psychic abilities) to access the mysterious little signals that most people only see when you carelessly reveal yourself.

Here you will hear the wisdom you need to hear about where your duties lie and how to put that into action.

Become truly non-dependent on the assurance of others by being more attentive to your greatest asset – your exemplary skill to understand yourself at the deepest level. Accept yourself and know that you are ok, under any circumstance. You can do anything you put your mind to, and succeed  beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, only because you had the strength to go with you inner guidance system.

Perhaps you might care to extend this inner certainty about yourself to all those special people around you too. Just one simple attitude shift can turn your entire world around and provide you with a whole new purpose which you can apply to any job that you choose to do.

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