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The Last Quarter Leo Moon (Friday, Nov 10, 20:37 UTC) does raise some fixed tension crises as it squares against the Scorpio Sun. Leo likes to be seen, be noticed whilst Scorpio prefers to stay private, secretive.
What happens when it’s all the other way around though? This Leo Moon completes a Grand Fire Trine as it conjuncts the North Node, whose complex social dynamic creates a bizarre twist in ‘usual’ circumstances. It is here that those who prefer to be seen and receive public admiration are somewhat deprived or denied of their due honours, while those who prefer to keep things tightly under wraps have everything exposed to light and made public.
Seems like trouble in paradise…
Fixed feelings run deep, congealing rather easily should even the slightest little thing go wrong. Let’s not confuse integrity with vanity and conceit. Success is not to do with money and control, mating with whomever regardless of the pain it causes, and always being right. To equate selfishness, despotism, vanity, and egotism with integrity does not relieve us from the struggle to distinguish integrity from selfishness, despotism, vanity, and egotism.
Stay mindful not to take yourself or the whole charade too seriously. Could be seriously devastating.

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