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The Last Quarter Leo Moon (Friday, Nov 10, 20:37 UTC) does raise some fixed tension crises as it squares against the Scorpio Sun. Leo likes to be seen, be noticed whilst Scorpio prefers to stay private, secretive.
What happens when it’s all the other way around though? This Leo Moon completes a Grand Fire Trine as it conjuncts the North Node, whose complex social dynamic creates a bizarre twist in ‘usual’ circumstances. It is here that those who prefer to be seen and receive public admiration are somewhat deprived or denied of their due honours, while those who prefer to keep things tightly under wraps have everything exposed to light and made public.
Seems like trouble in paradise…
Fixed feelings run deep, congealing rather easily should even the slightest little thing go wrong. Let’s not confuse integrity with vanity and conceit. Success is not to do with money and control, mating with whomever regardless of the pain it causes, and always being right. To equate selfishness, despotism, vanity, and egotism with integrity does not relieve us from the struggle to distinguish integrity from selfishness, despotism, vanity, and egotism.
Stay mindful not to take yourself or the whole charade too seriously. Could be seriously devastating.

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you try to keep it light and playful, things get intense and drag you deep into dark places where you may not necessarily wished to go, leaving you gasping as you try desperately to come back up for air. Watch how you get involved and how much energy you invest into your intimate or joint financial engagements. Things could become a sudden strain and in your irritability you can easily lash out and break away.
Any focus to stay home and play around the house, entertaining, having fun can become intruded upon, manipulated against you or even highjacked by someone who demands all the attention to themselves unless you have the courage to assert yourself and mark out your priorities. Or maybe it’s you that perhaps neglects their personal or domestic needs for the sake of feeding your desires to be with someone. Be strong, gregarious and demanding about spending time with your family, and about satisfying your inner emotional needs.
Don’t allow your feelings of pride to interfere with what really needs to get done now. Question whether any apparent indecisiveness, or stubborn adherence to ideas that are not necessarily the most practical. Are they more out of spite, or, insistence that someone’s way is better than another’s? Little things can start big arguments.
Either you underestimate your abilities, failing to get the most out of them, or you overestimate yourself and create unnecessary competition where it really ought to be a cinch, and possibly lots of fun for you. Either way, your fear of taking a risk right now could make it difficult to exploit what could be an opportunity to express your full creative potential. If you care about those you love, then show them the best you can possibly do for them.
You’re still feeling it – your family heartstrings are so powerful, your past encounters so interweaved into your life that they’re still trying to control, even hamper or deprive you from having a life of your own. Who is responsible for letting that happen? If anything, you need to be clear that you won’t be held back, or deny yourself the present-tense glory that you deserve because others are desperate to find a way to make you feel obligated towards them. That’s not loyalty – that’s a form of enslavement.
Just know this – you are certainly more than capable of setting your own incentives and goals for yourself and seeing them through with a sense of accomplishment and pride. All it takes is a matter of organising those ideas and then executing them in such a way that they are going to yield you maximum effect. Your fulfilment comes by not feeling like you have been manipulated or guilted into doing something that was not your idea.
Don’t waste your efforts getting into little games of one-upmanship with others (whom you call ‘friends’) trying to prove your worth. You are far more resourceful and qualified than you even know. Just find a group of people that can truly appreciate what it is that you have to invest; any group that actually demands your best efforts, and give it everything – no holds barred. If you do, you will be rewarded beyond any expectations.
It may be challenging, but you must not allow your intense desires to establish your own identity to get in the way or sabotage your need to help others. This is not a contest for survival. You may even feel that those in authority are out to stop you. Be the higher person, don’t get into conflicts. Know that others’ needs have a much higher priority right now and dealing with these may effectively mean putting your own, personal agendas to the side.
Being adequately informed will ensure that you do not endure the kind of attacks upon your area of expertise that threaten to undermine your credibility. There are always those who will want to test or weaken your argument, or what you believe. If it comes from a place of truth, not arrogance, it will essentially contain the spirit of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including those who doubt you.
Your ability to make things work for yourself, even turn things around, depends on how well you can tune into the public vibe. You should focus your attention on providing a service or a product that’s going to satisfy peoples’ needs. Take advantage of the opportunities people give you to express your creative talents on their behalf, whilst satisfying your own practical or material needs. You can achieve your dreams by providing some kind of mutual service for each other.
Making concessions to people can sometimes be painful to our ego. Right now, you may feel the best way to avoid any conflicts with others is to earn their respect and admiration for your professional achievements. Similarly, you feel hesitant about extending yourself to a partner, or someone you’re attracted to because you feel it doesn’t agree or align with the public image you wish to project either for yourself, your parents or your boss. You may choose to defer or forfeit any social interests that don’t suit or conflict with your career interests right now.
All your dreams and desires of what you hope to accomplish don’t mean a thing unless you are prepared to put in the effort to make them happen. This is not the time for big-shot promises. You need to demonstrate that you have the courage, the tenacity, the skills and talents to pull off what you say you’re going to do, and learn to stay away from friends and associates who want you to help them with their problems. It may be flattering to your ego to indulge them, but you will soon suspect that they’re abusing the privilege.
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