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Pisces Full Moon Messages – sign up to get these in your mailbox


Pisces/Pisces Rising

Thrust into a sea of divine inspirations and selflessness, your love for humanity and compassion for all is also subject to how functionally you practice and demonstrate your capacity and willingness to understand others. Your delicate and highly sensitive nervous system may be highly reactive to any criticism which fails to appreciate the breadth and width of your delicate emotions. It is important that you feel confident and capable of expressing the whole gamut of feelings coming through you, especially in your relationship to others. However you must stay mindful that these be enriching, rather than undermining the stability of your affairs.

There is also a longing for far distant lands, as well as an abundance of ideas concerning the social welfare of everyone. A hypersensitiveness to everything and everyone may accentuate this as a period of confusion, aimlessness or ineffectiveness. In the extreme, others may deem your behaviour as irrational, mad or insane. Solitude and asylum are probably best to reground.

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