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FULL MOON at 13°53′ PISCES: Wednesday, September 06, 07:04 UTC

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Oh, what a time!

It’s hard to write about this Pisces Moon without getting a little dizzy really. The Moon itself connects our personal feelings to the ‘vibe’ of the current environment. Our emotions are just ‘feelers’ – our interface with the more ethereal elements of what is going on around us. They tell us if we’re hot or cold, comfortable or uncomfortable, accepted or unwelcome. They guide us away from the creepy and the weird and into more safe and familiar climes.

Before our rational, mental faculties even get a chance to kick in, our feelings or instincts give us plenty of ‘intelligence’ on how we need to behave in order to feel ok. This is how the moon’s influence works. In certain signs, like Capricorn it is reticent, hardened, in self-denial or tough-as-nails mode. In signs like Virgo or Gemini, it tends to rationalise the emotions – the ‘head rules over the heart’ and we intellectualise to meet our comfort levels. In Scorpio it’s completely fixated with controlling the whole feeling realm, the domestic environment and everyone in it with a chthonic undercurrent of brooding and darkness. Then in Cancer or Taurus, the heart feels peacefully at home.

And then… in Pisces, the moon holds little separation between the emotions of the individual self and the emotions of the collective. It is as if there is really no distinction and the heart becomes at one with her surrounds. Like a finely tuned psychic antenna, it fluctuates and cumulatively picks up everything in the airwaves. As the winds blow, so there is a sense of restless, wayflowing impressionability.

Here, we seem most subject to strange mood changes – our boat is never anchored to any one specific place where happiness and contentment can be found. We float away gently, this way and that, often towards whimsically distant places and blissful self-indulgences. We are highly prone to drift with the current mood we sense from others, even psychically perceiving their own thoughts as ours.

These ‘thoughts’ can be quite neutral, balanced and pure, or they can just be messy; full of mind-altering poisons. We can read them clearly or our own ideas can become distorted or polluted, so we can haplessly become dragged down into the toxic quagmire of negativity and depression. In some effort to escape if we feel hurt or upset, we may seek seclusion or asylum. Or we could just find ways to slip away to a special place – whether real or imagined, some Shangri-la or Planet9, where we find respite from the awful abrasiveness of reality…

Not only does this Full Moon fall under this hyper-sensitive, hyper-emotional, hyper-sensual constellation of Pisces, but its conjunction to Neptune – the higher ruler of Pisces only emphasises everything it stands for. Therefore, the emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to our environment becomes amplified immensely. The impressionability, psychic empathy, the elation and the pain are heightened to unimaginable levels. This is the mother of all emotional moons and if we are in any sense able to tune into its wonders, our susceptibility to both the sublime joys and the impossible confusions may seem as phenomenal as they can feel frighteningly real.

Of course, this Full Moon means that its opposition to the Virgo Sun will hold up efforts to bring grounded, rational understanding to what is going on here. Virgo seeks to analyse and evaluate what’s going on for its overall practical effectiveness. It’s either going to bring those ‘pie-in-the-sky’ fantasies into some tangible form or scoff them off completely. The perfect aim is to discern what is going on, sort out that which is working from what is patently unworkable. On this Full Moon we may also come to the frightful discovery that the collective ‘vision’ in which we had become so deeply invested (or lost) is built upon a culture of surreal, almost hallucinogenic proportions.

As the two sides – Sun and Moon, conscious and unconscious, seek to find balance in this diametrically opposing struggle, it becomes a slippery tug-of-war between holding faith in the supremely divine whilst keeping both feet firmly grounded. Both are necessary to create balance and harmony, and yet neither one in itself is going to be superior over the other. The influence of Neptune (☌) and Uranus (∠) tilts the whole struggle into the realms of the supernatural and surreal.

Torn between our dreams and our fears of a strange new world; the growing absurdity of man’s crass inhumanity; the phenomenal frequency of nature’s extremely violent climate swings; diabolical stunts and shocking disappointment in world politics; clashes between the future and the past, the unknown and the known…. It may seem as though we are caught in the quagmire of linear time’s shifting quick-sands.

A weird pattern seems to be unfolding, one where rebellion(♅) mixed with confusion(♆) over what to do, which way to go, how to achieve objectives – if we even know what these ‘objectives’ are… This moon tunes us into the chaotic maelstrom of the swirling global patterns and we begin to live and breathe ourselves into the collective mood of the whole planet through moments of stillness and solitude.

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We best stay mindful of our tendency to pick up all the lower-astral cosmic junk. There is much anger in the air too. The only way to avoid the mess is to hone ourselves into an omnipresent consciousness – one that compassionately allows for any combination, permutation and possibility that serves the universal love. To attain this we must come into this awareness by exhibiting empathy and forgiveness – a kind of christ-consciousness that ultimately serves to transcend the lowest desires of the ego.

The message here is to transcend beyond the tendency to seek escape using hallucinogens and agents that produce cheap mind/body-highs, fall into false religions and practicing perfunctory spirituality. The higher vibrational pull of this exalted Pisces Moon urges us to stay clear and centred, become fully immersed in the collective vision which serves only to help us accept and understand that all is in its perfect place in this universe.

Everything in its right place and time.

The psychic emotional frequency that the moon is currently operating is not merely a sound or vibration. Pisces is not merely a symbol. It is the entire cosmos, whatever we can see, touch, hear and feel. Moreover, the Pisces moon connects us with all that is within our perception and all that is beyond our perception. It opens our hearts to the core of our very existence. If you drift off into a place of self-indulgence, you may miss its potent effects altogether. This Full Moon introduces us to the mysterious cosmic energy that is the overflow of all the things and all the beings of the entire universe. It sings the eternal song of the Divine. It vibes continuously with the resounding silence over the background of everything that exists.

Blessings to all, and may this be a holy Full Moon for you (and everyone).

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