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Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

[pic: Agnieszka Lorek]
The new Venus/Chiron cycle, commencing on March 5, 2018  is one that sets us on a journey to see through into the heart of things and find true beauty and value.

When combined with Chiron, the divine feminine archetype, which exists in all of us, attempts to reinforce our ability to appreciate how every situation, regardless of how negative it appears, is there to further our spiritual growth. By seeing the intrinsic beauty in people, things and circumstances, we strive to find how we can best enjoy the beauty that lies within. Through this cycle, we see how everything can be brought into providence and harmony by the divine power of attraction.

Hence, we apply our feminine to bring a soothing radiance to all those that we touch, a kind of healing balm, without so much as making any effort.

The Venus/Chiron cycle is about healing the sinful expression of our desires for love – the selfishness, covetousness, the jealousy, greed, avarice and gluttony, thse reproachful impulses and unfulfilled cravings that we lust over.

When these lower-body urges override our personal choice process, they tend to block the heart connection to true love and appreciation, dropping us into the lower (fear/survival-based) vibrations of the desire principle. Healing (letting go of the ego-based attachment) is necessary to unlock the blockage. This healing can only come by reaching a deeper understanding of the root cause of all these ills, which is fear and insecurity that something in us may not be fulfilled or satisfied.

Of course, great healing often comes through aggravating wounds and inflaming sores, forcing us to confront the source of our pain. These may become most apparent as this cycle hits it turning points (see dates above). Overall, the great accomplishment in healing issues of the wounded feminine is the restoration of the goddess wisdom on this planet. This latest cycle, which uniquely commenced with Mars (our masculine/assertive) is a profound call to humanity to reconnect in wholeness, to come together as one body to heal all wounds. We are served with a common mission to see beauty and love in everything rather than to create separation and isolation. Fear and aggression can only reinforce divisiveness which disempowers us all and weakens our efforts to experience unconditional beauty and love for all things.

(below are the special messages to how each sign will discover the way to overcome the blockage)


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Aries/Aries Rising

Only through sacrificing yourself in love will you learn to tap into your special psychic abilities. Being headstrong and guarded is a sign that that you are indeed timid or afraid to surrender yourself into love. You reject any opportunity to experience peace, joy and happiness because you feel stuck in trying to defend your idea of who you are as an individual. Failure to open up your heart and surrender to love denies you access to the special tools necessary to heal much deeply buried frustration. In this sense, life will keep throwing difficulties your way in your relationships in order to teach you lessons in acceptance and seeing the bigger picture. Eventually you may feel plagued, but the plague will end once you come to accept others unconditionally – no expectations or rules. Accept yourself, accept others, explore your own spirituality and find the path that suits you with another and walk it. Compassion is the necessity to finding true love, and that means for yourself as well as for others.


Taurus/Taurus Rising

Recognise that we are all divine beings, interconnected by divine love, that we belong everywhere – not just with those who are of like mind. If you feel lonely and a little bitter because of this it may be because you reject anyone that doesn’t fit into your description of ‘friend’ because you fear that the connection may not work out in your favour. Real love makes not practical expectations. Learn to make connections without preconceived notions of how it’s going to go, and remember that everyone you meet is an angel with a message for you, or the guru who has something to teach you. You have something to gain from everyone just as everyone has something to gain by coming into contact with you.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

For you, TIME does not heal all wounds. The wounds remain. However, you will find that in TIME your mind, in order to protect its sanity, learns to cover your wounds with scar tissue until the pain lessens.
It’s TIME to truly come to terms with who you truly are what you truly desire. Ask yourself who you are and what will make you happy, then go after that with passion. Don’t do things to appease other people. Do things to make yourself happy – whether that is being super successful or just sitting in the middle of a daisy field singing songs. Heal yourself by accepting who you are, scars and all.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Whilst you somehow help others to grow through finding love, you are yourself afraid to allow yourself to expand and to experience love. It’s important to continue to expand your mind through your own love adventures, and you can do that through more travel, study and by just listening to others. To heal your own love wound, you must let truth shine into your heart rather than holding convictions that you’ve grown out of love yourself. Move toward what you feel your soul pulling you toward. Surrendering to love itself is a learning experience after all.

Leo/Leo Rising

Reach out to console those who may be feeling sorrow and grief in love, even if you have been unable to console yourself through the heartbreak and the pain of your own separation. In all life’s crises and intense changes, it is important to remember to respect yourself, to accept the cycles of life, and just let go. You can heal any of love’s wounds by being honest and upfront with your heart. This takes enormous courage to become vulnerable. Learn to share your emotions in order to transcend them. You know the great transformation that accompanies disaster better than anyone. Clear the rubble. Embrace the change.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

Do not succumb to your fear of being abandoned in love. Sure, you need loyalty and commitment in a relationship, and confidence in another in order to be happy. But the key to truly being happy, despite the outside factors, is to overcome the fear of rejection. You can do this by learning how to be alone. Prove to your beloved that you can survive without them. Healing in love is coming to an understanding that you are all you need.

Libra/Libra Rising

Accept the way you are and make only the necessary boundaries for yourself. Leave the rest up to your whims. If you are one of the those who denies routine, try adding a little structure and routine to your love life just here and there, as needed. You might find yourself benefiting from it. Essentially, you need relax into love. Your physical wounding doesn’t need to add to your emotional wounding. Free yourself of the worry and and just CHILL.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Slow right down and take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Sure, you can reach out and help others to express themselves and really know what they need in order to feel joy, but when it comes to you personally, you may feel unable to let yourself do that. Free yourself, express yourself, laugh and smile and enjoy life for the simple fact of being alive. This will bring you healing through love.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Being objective in approaching the past is necessary. Forgiving the past is needed if you are to reconnect to love. Forgiving yourself and those who made you feel the way you felt is needed. Developing a strong sense of empathy for others will rekindle the desire inside you to nurture those who feel displaced by your disconnection. You must learn how to nurture yourself the same way. Once you forgive the past, you will also learn to allow self-nurturing, and open yourself up to world without fear of getting hurt- to transcend the pain.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

It’s easy for you to be an advocate for those whose hearts have no voice. Since you can easily speak up for others who are being hurt by grief, heartache and disappointment, learn to do the same for yourself. Your beautiful, kind and loving words to others are important, but you must know too that you are also most worthy of attention. Come too, to lovingly admit your mistakes and praise your accomplishments without feeling guilty are ashamed. Embodying your divine being will help you to gain confidence in yourself. When you learn to speak from your heart without the need to be heard, but instead just being able to express yourself, knowing that it is valid and important, then you will have healed your own heart’s deepest wound.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Your duty is not to seek to possess love but to seek to dissolve all of the barriers that you have created within yourself that limit you from experiencing the limitless abundance that can come from love. You are not your possessions, your worth is not what you have to physically offer. You can see the worth in others who aren’t well off and can be very helpful in getting them to see, accept and to love the positive sides to themselves that go beyond just the material aspects. However, when it comes to yourself, you are not nearly as kind. Learn to find things of value inside yourself rather than outside yourself. When you truly come to love yourself, your body, your differences, you will also find your personal worth and you’ll be able to transcend even your deepest wound.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

Your heightened sensitivity to criticism and judgment, particularly from those who seem brash and somewhat hypocritical can be a bit too much to bear right now. You are being pressed to learn about the virtues of self-love and self-respect and to somehow teach them to others. Build up your personality by focusing your love upon yourself without feeling selfish for it. Learn to accept yourself as a uniquely gifted individual, whose phenomenal sensitivity is filled with enough personal power to help you transcend life’s frequent abrasions and frustrating limitations. Your duty is not to judge. Your duty lies in discerning if someone deserves your attention – to lift those who have fallen using the strength of inner faith and conviction that all is and will be well. Use your amazing ability to feel with compassion to restore those who have been broken, and to heal the hearts of those whom, like you, are hurting too.

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