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Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

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The new Venus/Chiron cycle, commencing on March 5, 2018  is one that sets us on a journey to see through into the heart of things and find true beauty and value.

When combined with Chiron, the divine feminine archetype, which exists in all of us, attempts to reinforce our ability to appreciate how every situation, regardless of how negative it appears, is there to further our spiritual growth. By seeing the intrinsic beauty in people, things and circumstances, we strive to find how we can best enjoy the beauty that lies within. Through this cycle, we see how everything can be brought into providence and harmony by the divine power of attraction.

Hence, we apply our feminine to bring a soothing radiance to all those that we touch, a kind of healing balm, without so much as making any effort.

The Venus/Chiron cycle is about healing the sinful expression of our desires for love – the selfishness, covetousness, the jealousy, greed, avarice and gluttony, thse reproachful impulses and unfulfilled cravings that we lust over.

When these lower-body urges override our personal choice process, they tend to block the heart connection to true love and appreciation, dropping us into the lower (fear/survival-based) vibrations of the desire principle. Healing (letting go of the ego-based attachment) is necessary to unlock the blockage. This healing can only come by reaching a deeper understanding of the root cause of all these ills, which is fear and insecurity that something in us may not be fulfilled or satisfied.

Of course, great healing often comes through aggravating wounds and inflaming sores, forcing us to confront the source of our pain. These may become most apparent as this cycle hits it turning points (see dates above). Overall, the great accomplishment in healing issues of the wounded feminine is the restoration of the goddess wisdom on this planet. This latest cycle, which uniquely commenced with Mars (our masculine/assertive) is a profound call to humanity to reconnect in wholeness, to come together as one body to heal all wounds. We are served with a common mission to see beauty and love in everything rather than to create separation and isolation. Fear and aggression can only reinforce divisiveness which disempowers us all and weakens our efforts to experience unconditional beauty and love for all things.

(below are the special messages to how each sign will discover the way to overcome the blockage)


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