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INTROSPECTIVE: The Chirotic Partnership – A ‘Wounder/Healer’ Love Story

[art: Ocelio Targino]
In our last article we spoke about grounding & the enmeshed family, and how tight planetary contacts, particularly conjunctions from luminaries (Sun/Moon)  or points (Asc/MC) to outer planets (Uranus/Neptune/Pluto) often indicate that the native is subject to growing up in a dysfunctional home environment. Natives with these are particularly prone to experiencing constant unwanted invasions and psychic attacks from others, especially the parents. If not treated, disruptive influences in our early environment can seriously destabilise and debilitate our inner sense of self. The individual’s personal power is diminished and the development of their authority becomes diminished since the native grows without any healthy reference to a grounded sense of reality.

It is through our feeling connected to this earth – through steady, consistent, non-violating contact with others that we learn to build trust and assurance in the universal principle that we are inherently OK.

Feeling OK with ourselves – knowing that we are perfectly OK in being ourselves – is the most significant ingredient to our development of a wholesome sense of self, well-being, capability and life-contentment.

In absence of this knowing, we are almost certain to enter our adult lives feeling ‘less-than’ or ‘damaged’ or at least confused and compromised in our feeling ‘OK’ with ourselves. Charged with this woundful backstory, we become karmically destined to attract relationships that will only aid and abet us to keep sabotaging and invalidating our good sense of inner O.K-ness.

Putting out signals of inadequacy or ‘need for repair’, we continue to meet and possibly become engaged with individuals – often unconsciously – who are in some way going to unearth and aggravate our sensitive wounds or abandonment fears. We choose wilfully, blindly, often obstinately or compulsively to engage with those individuals who are distinctly capable of inflicting the particular kind of pain, abuse, contempt, criticism, aloofness or disruptiveness that we are accustomed to receiving from ‘loved ones’ as far back as our formative years.

The Chirotic affair:

A whole dance begins, which has a particular astrological signature and is often inaugurated with accompanying transits.

We become drawn in and intoxicated into a strange energetic, yet if we do not develop a healthy sense of groundedness, we become prone to descend into an affair in which our painbody desires magnetise us into the world of pain, wounding, shame and gradual social dissociation.

This article explores this type of dynamic, the relationship where there is a strong Chiron influence, both in the native chart and in the synastry alignment, a connection where one or both partners become intertwined in a dance where the wounder/healer exchange is its defining characteristic.

Find out what attracts us into relationships where we feel to inflict pain, then immediately seek to assuage each others’ sores. What are the pitfalls, the dangers and the workable solutions (if any) to this ever-so-common bond between many intimate partnerships in our current times?

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