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Pisces – The Art of Escapism

[pic: Martin Neuhof]
Ahh… Pisces. Master of the escape.
Just when you think you have them, they elusively slip away from you, disappearing into the unimaginable waters of infinity, somewhere between the ridiculous and the sublime. Just when you think you’ve got them all work out, they will confound you and delight you with their masterful ways of elusiveness.
God only knows where they go…
Like trying to spear a fish in shallow waters – you see them there, in one distinct moment in time, lurking about, lazily swimming with the currents, as clear as the light of day – and then, just as you begin to mark their position, take aim and cast your pointed lance with some degree of certainty that you will pin them down, they manage not only evade your best shot, but they just as nimbly manage to spirit away into the depths of the wide blue yonder, never to be seen again in quite the same form or manner as you might have remembered them.
Every time…
How do they do that?
It has to do with lightwaves, your mind and the principle of diffraction. What to the naked eye appears to be directly there, just through the water, is merely a distorted, diffracted representation of what lies between you and the subtle, yet very powerful properties of water, whose magnifying and refracting qualities tends to warp and bend the beams of light (or any other system of waves), somewhat dispersing the image as it passes through the very narrow apertures of your eye. It is this effect which typically interferes between you and what your rational, linear mind perceives as a true image.
Just like that, what appears to be truly there seems but an illusion – a trick to fool the mind, just for a moment, at least.
And thus, with the fish, what is before you is never quite what it logically appears to be in the mind.
Conversely, as soon as the fish senses any attempt to pin them down, even the subtlest notion of wave disturbance, any threatening change in its immediate environment, it responds with a swift, slippery quiver, moving immediately out of the given situation and away into the safety of refuge. Since it had never really made any commitment or attachment to any defined position in the first place, it has no trouble making its escape. It is the piscean’s most defining characteristic (if any): reading subtle nuances in the waves around him, enough to know when the heat’s on, enough to know when to stick around fooling, and enough to know just when to scram.
In this he can accomplish lots more than meets the eye.
In this, the fish performs his most amazing service to Spirit: to remind us all that that which we rationally assume to be, is actually not. Should we be so silly as to believe that what the trained, discerning eye can see as really there, may just be an illusion. A figment of the imagination.
And thus, in a moment of disbelief, you are left to wonder – to ponder and amaze in how all things perceived are only really part of a divinely infinite array of mere possibility. As such, it does inspire the logical mind to visions it would otherwise only ever dream or try to imagine.
So… escape.
We all have stories of feeling deceived, confused to the point of questioning our own sanity, the disappointment and disheartenment we may feel when we discover that which we were most certain was there, disappears, wriggling away from right under our very noses and absconding permanently back into the abyss. How silly and foolish we feel. Similarly, there are times when we are absolutely delighted to be taken for a fantastic ride, a journey into an alternative reality… a real high, when we suspend all disbelief and ride upon the magic wave of illusion and romantic reverie.
In many ways, this is becoming the new way now. Neptune, ruler of the sea and all of its piscean life forms, is currently transiting through his domicile sign of Pisces (2012-2025). Naturally, when the ‘lord of the domain’ is travelling through his own home waters, we come to understand that all these mysterious areas and their wonderfully mystical creatures (agents of illusion) are not only spiritually protected but somehow specially empowered by their patron god to create special effects that will delight and confound us all.
Anything goes under the sea, and as we begin to open our eyes to the infinite possibilities of 5D consciousness, we begin to experience the masterful realms of quantum fields, where we come to discover that what we actually witness in the 3D world is only the minimum amount of the physical properties of what we are interacting with. We learn to bear in mind that what lies behind the veneer, and what surrounds it, is a sea of infinite variations and permutations.
If that sounds complex, then it is no surprise that you may be a little confused by your current experiences with Neptune, Pisces and the fishy kinds. In many ways, as Neptune has been squared by Saturn – master of 3D reality – for the past three months, you would have come to realise that all is not what it appears to be.
In fact, through studying the quantum principles of compassion and healing in the physical domain, we come to understand that the representation of physical form and matter only conceals an underlying quality of infinite possibilities. Some of you may have heard of string theory – and the case of disappearing particles.
What’s even more frustrating is the more we try to define our reality, to put it in a box, to try to define it using a distinct set of properties, laws and quantifiable formulaic equations, the more it seems to elude us.
Observe the current media frenzy around trying to analyse and work out what is happening currently in the world of geopolitical affairs.
Strangely, but most pronouncedly now, even those proponents who stand before us as the very benchmark of consensus reality are themselves becoming increasingly unsure and uncertain of their position in the scheme of things. Scientists will tell you similar things about everything we thought we knew about our universe just not adding up.
So what is the solution? How can we live in a world where we are so desperate to apply some sort of structure when in this day and age, all that we want to depend on just doesn’t seem to stick together, to adhere and fasten in the way we want it to? Why does it seem to elude and undermine us so?
Perhaps we need to go back to the fish.
Like… where does the piscean escape to? What worlds does he find solace, respite and inspiration in?
Well… that’s not really such a big deal to try and work out. In the 3D world, it matters not where you go or how you get there, it’s what you have to show for it when you make a definitive re-appearance.
We all have a piscean side somewhere – either within us or in the world we project onto others. How do you escape?
Do you slip out into some self-indulgent, whimsical fantasy? Perhaps get lost in a good book, or a holiday away from the harsh and bitter world of judgement and expectation. Perhaps you hit the bottle or some other drug, some agent that facilitated your journey into the alternative realms. Or maybe you became engrossed in the great wonders of your own imagination, in your prayer to the divine spirit or meditation… Or is it when you get sick, institutionalised in a hospital, monastery, prison or something like a love affair or marriage where you just can’t make any sense of the reality?
Wherever you go, the question is what did you make of it. Do you come back feeling more revived and rested, more full of love, forgiveness and understanding for your world? Is your experience with the pisces illusion one that strives to inspire compassion, kindness and an unconditional acceptance? Is it creative for you? Or is it just an exercise in self-destructiveness, a mere self-wallowing withdrawal into the deepest, murkiest waters of confusion and disillusionment where you slip yourself into a wonderful spell of depression and dismay, dissatisfied and full of dread about ever coming back to face reality again? In such cases, we see some who come back only with an ever-growing negativity about themselves and their whole part in ever creating happiness for themselves again.
But then, discontentment might not be such a terrible thing. Discontented folks can modify and improve their worlds, leave them better, definitely different through their efforts to escape their unhappiness.
Things to be mindful, especially during this blissful Pisces stellium happening currently.
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  1. You got me just right. Thanks for telling my story.

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