Neptune/Node – “Smells like Team Spirit”

As Neptune aligns with the Nodal axis (♆☍ ☊ exact Nov 03, 2016), our subliminal connection to others is currently at its 16 year low. Intuitive links to others are at their most fuzzy, spirit ties either dissolve or mislead us to the point of oblivion. There is a tendency to withdraw silently into our own private universe, away from the advice, counsel and collegiate fellowship of others due to them ‘cramping our style’.
Seems everyone has a uniquely abstract view, or alternative vision that is somewhat misaligned to our own understanding of ‘spirit’. Tendencies to invade each other’s psychic boundaries, express unreasonable views or pass awkward or confusing judgements upon others, only highlights our unfortunately chaotic entanglements.
This is a rather delicately dour, yet sophisticatedly refined process which only raises our sensitivity to how negative people demean our value, defray our image, dismiss our dreams, discredit our imagination, deframe our abilities and disbelieve our opinions.
Naturally, we might prefer to take space and time to be by ourselves, away from the psychic noise of others and the obligations and impositions that they place upon us, particularly since in many ways we are somewhat unsure about their intentions with us. We may even be confounded as to whether they have any purpose at all other than to spread negativity through their unconscious discouragements and inane shortcomings. Another manifestation of this energy is our sensitivity to the weak or fragile, artificial positivity in others which asks us to engage with more positivity in order to stay positive. At times, enormous efforts are necessary to tolerate or withstand negative people’s phoney smokescreens. Our handling of this, without becoming enticed to play into falsehoods, is the mark of real positivity.
It is significant to note that clarity must be highly sought out in our dealings to others, and the exterior world in general. Be particularly mindful of the effect of agents such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine during these times, as well as those who may be under their influence. Whilst these ‘medicines’ serve their higher spiritual purpose in ceremony, developing any habitual or addictive dependence upon them can be spiritually draining and undermining to your evolutionary growth and development.
Also, constant exposure to popular culture and the mass media can ultimately shape our reality tunnel in such ways that are not necessarily conducive to achieving our soul purpose or following our life calling. This transit often floods us with many messages and signals that modern society has generally ‘lost the plot’. Its end result may be to help us observe that slavishly following society’s false gods and demagogues makes no sense in a spiritually aware life.
Meditation and a preference for deliberate solitude are most beneficial choices during this time. It is an excellent time to develop your own intuitive abilities. By observing nature, stillness, spirit messages, a realisation of the deeper forces at work in our connection to others can become much more acutely attuned. Deep intuitive insights into our own past helps us not only to overcome it, but help others to release their karmic baggage. The clearer, or lighter we become of our past conditioning, the more we allow our intuition to guide us toward those connections and experiences we need most.
We are all affected by this, but especially those who are more sensitive to emotional/spiritual tides and currents between one another. In the greater, more social context, this increased sensitivity creates a heightened perspicacity among many that will underscore the climactic tension that has been building in the world over the past few months (April – Sept). This ability to ‘see’ deeply into the heart of things ultimately connects us to the most subtle truths about each other – that our attraction is ONLY formed when we share the same, or similar characteristics. Positive people attract other positive people. Negative people will only draw out our negativity.
During this time, it is through our deeper, more intuitive understanding of the polarity of others’ personality that we choose to engage (or disengage) with them. In this, we focus intently on the communication of the soul, developing our new ability to communicate subtle, formerly hidden messages between others and the voice of the planet.

Aries/Aries Rising
Feeling like an alien far from home on a foggy night when you cannot see the stars? Consider it a forced incarceration here on this little planet. Only work, in humble servitude will set you free.

Taurus/Taurus Rising
Seems like depending on your buddies has finally had its final laugh on you. Who can you trust and who is the fool? Well… you oughta know by now, buddy.

Gemini/Gemini Rising
Everybody is probably agog at how you’ve managed to turn the unimaginable into the inevitable. Now pull your head out here and show us how to deal with it.

Cancer/Cancer Rising
Having a clouded mind does not suit taking a blind faith approach. Just focus only on what’s before you, arm’s reach, and do not believe a thing unless you can feel it with own, hot, little hands.

Leo/Leo Rising
Is it possible you might already be dead but your spirit is still hovering about, living this life at the expense of someone else’s bank account? Only way to know for sure is to start paying your own way.

Virgo/Virgo Rising
Part of the feeling of sparseness and emptiness in your life is because you’ve given so much to others. As terrifying as this may sound, you must come into your own power, carve out your own destiny – without anyone else involved.

Libra/Libra Rising
Feeling a tad touchy? Weak? Hey look… your aura’s leaking. Letting the pain of others make you sick. Remember, you’re here to clear any karmic baggage before you go anywhere… check your back door, could be letting in spirit vagrants.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Wondering why your dream lovers disappear when you wake up? You need to wake up to yourself and your need to be totally in control, make some room for someone else to be really here for you.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Trying to hide out at home, indulging yourself by self-medicating or dreaming life away may have its fuzzy moments, but it certainly is doing nothing for your soul. Try getting out there, really doing something with yourself.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Strong karmic lessons through relatives (like brothers & sisters) will remind you that your best bet is to stay away from family drama if you fancy a psychic-junk, static-free life right now.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
You’ve probably worked out that attaching yourself to matter, money and material really shouldn’t matter, and where so, it’s better to focus on the ‘giving’ rather than the ‘getting’… Let it go to let it flow (kindness is the best currency).

Pisces/Pisces Rising
Chaos and confusion abounds, and emotional interferences and disturbances are so frequent and strong lately that you probably should get away from yourself for a bit. You seriously need to ground your vague self-centredness by paying more attention to others.

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  1. Yes it is so important to stay clear of those we cherish who are going thru a trying time right now and hope they find their way back sooner than later:) Growth is not easy for people waking up who are not comfortable in their aloness.

  2. The last paragraph i most enjoyed thank you

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