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Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

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The Venus/Chiron cycle is one that sets us on the journey to see through into the heart of things and find beauty and value. This 14-month cycle commences January 25 at 22°♓ 00′.

  •  January 25 06:49 UTC – cycle begins with conjunction at 22°♓ 00′
  • April 16-22 – near conjunction (Venus becomes stationary at 26°♓ 54′)
  • July 30 – first quarter square at 28°♓30′
  • October 10 – opposition 25°♓37′
  • December 21 – third quarter square at 24°♓25′
  • March 5 – end of cycle 27°♓30′

When combined with Chiron, the divine feminine archetype, which exists in all of us, attempts to reinforce our ability to appreciate how every situation, regardless of how negative it appears, is there to further our spiritual growth. By seeing the intrinsic beauty in people, things and circumstances, it strives always to show us how we can best enjoy the beauty that lies within. Through this cycle, we see how everything can be brought into providence and harmony by the divine power of attraction.

Hence, the divine feminine brings a soothing radiance to all those that she touches, a kind of healing balm, without so much as making any effort. She helps to bring peace and fulfilment in life, upholding the values of personal beauty and worthiness in everything she touches.

The Venus/Chiron cycle is about healing the sinful expression of our desires for love – the selfishness, covetousness, the jealousy, greed, avaricious, gluttonous or reproachful elements that block our true love and appreciation and drop us into the lower vibrations of the love principle. The healing can only come by bringing out a deep understanding of the root cause of all these ills, which is fear and insecurity.

Of course, great healing often comes from pressing wounds and inflaming sores. These may become most apparent as this cycle hits it turning points (see dates above). Overall, the great accomplishment in healing issues of the wounded feminine is the restoration of the goddess wisdom on this planet. It is a call to humanity to reconnect, to come together as one body, served with a common mission to see beauty and love in everything rather than to create separation and isolation. Fear can only reinforce divisiveness which disempowers us all and weakens our efforts to experience unconditional beauty and love for all things.

[sample horoscope] Pisces/Pisces Rising

Your heightened sensitivity to criticism and judgment, particularly from those who seem brash and somewhat hypocritical can be a bit too much to bear right now. You are being pressed to learn about the virtues of self-love and self-respect and to somehow teach them to others. Build up your personality by focusing your love upon yourself without feeling selfish for it. Learn to accept yourself as a uniquely gifted individual, whose phenomenal sensitivity is filled with enough personal power to help you transcend life’s frequent abrasions and frustrating limitations. Your duty is not to judge. Your duty lies in discerning if someone deserves your attention – to lift those who have fallen using the strength of inner faith and conviction that all is and will be well. Use your amazing ability to feel with compassion to restore those who have been broken, and to heal the hearts of those whom, like you, are hurting too.

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