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2017: A closer view – Major transit analysis

This article looks at the key planetary energy shifts over the next 12 months. It has been prepared for premium members of the Cosmic Tribe. For a general overview of 2017 please link here.

Sample Transit: Jupiter opposition Uranus (Late Dec 2016 – March 3, Aug 4)

This bombastically explosive blast of unbridled enthusiasm accelerates many of us into the 4th dimensional state of mind over the early part next year. Being in opposition, we experience this energy combination through our relationships to others, often as a uniquely inspired understanding of just how much we depend on one another. Sudden insights and breakthroughs are inevitable, there is a tendency to blow things completely out of proportion or to have an extreme reaction to seemingly little things that we may have found acceptable in the past but today are unwilling to tolerate. In our capacity to see through the issues, learn about, and cut away from behaving in ways that no longer make sense, this transit provides a phenomenally clear filter in the process of letting go of any imposing little hooks that kept us tied down from experiencing true freedom. The downside of this will, of course, could be rebellious behaviour which, en masse, translates to revolutionary activism and protests, possibly violent demonstrations.

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