2016 Review

2016 was the year we learned about a few things. We learned about subtle energy vibrations that exist between us as humans.

We learned how easily we play into these, and how easily our own energies become imposed upon, stolen, borrowed without permission, manipulated without warning, taken and used against us, our children, our entire planet. We see the spoils of our siphoned energy, much of it borrowed from our own future and our own children’s futures, taken mercilessly and paraded around by unscrupulous individuals, worn as status symbols like power, prestige, enormous wealth,or hoarded under big tall buildings whose walls are defended by forces that are funded, again, at our expense. We see those same buildings inhabited by powerful individuals, ones whom we elect to run our streets and the places in which we choose to work, to keep our hard-earned money in, where we pray to our gods – we even see these buildings as holding the very individuals that promise to destroy us if one day we should ever amass enough possessions or power to compete against them.

Most dangerously, we enter contracts and agreements to have and to hold these energy-sapping individuals into personal relationships that show little or no regard for our own freedom, health or safety.

2016 is literally the year in which we started to realise that there are folks out there who literally feed off the energies of others. Whether these are individuals or organised groups, they somehow attempt to suck us emotionally dry. And out of fear, we let them. Their complete survival depends on their feeding upon your beautiful, clean, happy, vibrant energy supply, often because their own vibration is resonating at such a low frequency that they are not even aware of the damage that they are causing to the health and prosperity of the entire planet. In many ways, our society has developed systems – pulleys & strings, channels, tunnels and supply chains where some of these individuals can automatically draw energy from you whilst still being able to stay remote, invisible and through clever legal loopholes remain thoroughly unaccountable.

Of course, 2016 was also the year we learned to drag ourselves away from these emotional vultures, who surreptitiously try to drag us down to their own, mean level. But it hasn’t always been easy. There has been a lot of grief and sadness as we have come to see how horribly hurtful it is to feel energetically invested in relationships that leave us sapped of our healthy spirits.

Sure, some of these can appear very charming and immediately engaging, coming at you with the full force of their glib, but phoney enthusiasm – like they have been waiting for you to show up all their lives and now that you are here, ensnared by the constructs of your own insecurities and fears, they can begin to devour you, fully. Or they can forcibly trap you into a corner and prattle on for hours about their latest break-up, or a super debilitating life-long karmic affliction they may carry, asking for your sympathy or help to overcome it. If you have not been cautious, chances are you have been dragged into the vortex of their drama. In any case, at the end of the exchange they feel invigorated and empowered whilst you, one the other hand, feel absolutely drained and exhausted.

And woe to you if you try to make them take responsibility for this energy suction or separate yourself from them. They will react by applying as much guilt, disappointment and bitter feelings upon you for even so much as contemplating letting them go – so much pressure that you may be left with no other option but to stay and go their way, even if you can feel your own strength being absolutely depleted.

Of course, we are now only beginning to learn some of the techniques not to play into their dramas, and making better choices. By realising that very little of what goes on out there actually interests us in the course of our own survival, we are learning to get much better at identifying those energy drainers and to deal with them using the full force of our own positivity and kindness. By coming to identify those who overreact to little things and drag us down by threatening us with with sadness, separation, anger, fear or negativity we learn to deal with them in ways that leave no degree of uncertainty that we will no longer play into their little drama.

The light consciousness coming through now is immensely bright. It’s getting brighter by the day. It is becoming clear that any time someone is trying to siphon off your emotional energy by making you focus on the negative, that it is up to you to take immediate action to balance or shift away from this negativity. Do not engage negativity with counter-negativity or argue with it. Here, you cannot win. Only total positivity can help you wrench yourself away. Sometimes it is as easy as smiling and moving on.

Let us take the lessons of the drama we experienced in 2016 as the greatest, most benevolent gift that life has ever offered us. Let us use these lessons to clearly identify where we allow ourselves to engage with negativity by feeding it with our own negative emotions. Stand in a place of utmost neutrality. It is only here that you can accurately measure energies around you as being either negative or positive to your own energetic field. From here, you can either choose to engage – to balance to negativity with positivity, or to simply not engage at all. Let us set off into 2017 on a positive new note, and leave the emotional baggage that is either thrust upon us, or that we carry around in ourselves, behind.

To all of you, to all the Cosmic Tribe, to my dear, beloved clients, and to my wonderful team, I wish you all a positive and prosperous year ahead. We have a very exciting journey ahead of us, full of amazingly enlightening experiences. If you wish to read my astrological synopsis for the next 12 months, please click the link to my “Year Ahead” article, complete with a full breakdown of all the major transits. Thank you all for your loving support, I really value this, and I look forward to keeping you in touch with regular cosmic forecasts. I am always here for you, reminding you that we are the ones who will help to unfold the new dream for humanity, for ourselves, our children and for all posterity. Blessings x


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